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  1. XL600 RFVC Engined Honda CRF 600 Supermoto project!

    So here it begins! Basicly i want to build a supermoto that i can road register and ride daily without having to worry about the high costs of running a motorcross engine on the road.. Some of you may be familiar with me already as i started a post a few weeks ago about what engine should i...
  2. broken gearbox... XR440

    OK, so the story goes roughly like this... Me and a couple of mates were out and about on the bikes, and one of them rides an Xr440 (pumper carb, race exhaust, hot cam etc). After pulling away from some lights, we here a really loud knocking noise coming from his bike when he put it in second...
  3. Xr440 for sale

    Hi I am regretfully selling my xr 400, Its a big bore making it a 440. It has a stage 2 hot cam, mikuni pumper carb and a FMF power core 4 pipe. Its one awesome bike to ride and I will be sorry to see it go. Its on a 51 plate and has MOT until march and tax until april. Good condition. Iam...
  4. Xr440 For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my xr. its a 440 with a stage 2 hot cam, mukuni pumper carb and an fmf power core 4 pipe. It is on 51 plate and has done 16000KM. its in good condition, very powerful and brilliant to ride. I will be sorry to see it go. Mot till march and tax till april. I would like around £2000...