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  1. XL
    I just bought 2 1983 XL250R bikes and want to re-power one. Will a XL/XR500 motor fit?
  2. Transalp
    Dutch dirtbike wannebee Alp - lots of pics thread Hi there, my name is Edwin, living in a small village called Schijndel which is in the Netherlands. In my younger years I was a semi fanatic dirtbiker and I was thinking catching up this a little bit. Not as dirtbiker only, but more semi so...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone. I have a 96 Dommie that I use for all sorts of travel on and off road. I noticed recently that the bars are moving more in the rubber mounts. Can the rubbers be removed and replaced? I tried tightening the nuts under the top yoke but still they seem to wobble more than before. I...
  4. XR
    Hi all, I'm interested in finding out what sort of value my xr500 would realise. My dad bought it new in Dubai and it's basically sat in either my garage or his since then. It runs great and I make a point of running it quite frequently. I really don't know what its value could be although I...
  5. XL
    Does anybody know if the XR500 silencer/muffler will fit on the xl500 header pipes as I'm struggling to find a decent silencer, alternatively if anyone out there has a good condition XL500s silencer for sale get in touch with details. Cheers
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Is the Dommie engine the same as the XR 650 engine? I seem to remember my XR being much more powerful than the Dommie I have now. Although I rode the XR500 back in the 80's and my Dommie is a 97 model (Import). I love the Dommie engine but just want a tad more grunt. I want it to lift the front...
  7. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys, I am so glad I found this site. Just bought an 1982 xr500 r and need some serious guidance. I'm here to learn as much as I can, so if I annoy some of you with questions please bare with me ( I blame my mild OCD for this).
  8. XL
    I have a 1982 xr 500 project and the motor runs fine but its missing the clutch push rod,i am guessing that one from an xl500 would be the same? Anybody know if it would. Has one for sale or can measure one up length and thickness and I will get one made up . Thanks in advance
  9. XL
    Alright.. So the time has now come for building a Street-tracker out of my XL600RM. I don't really have any special concerns regarding the build, exept for the gas tank. I want a smaller tank (XT500, XR500-ish..), but I'm not really looking for a tank that will require a lot of work to make it...
  10. XR
    Hi everyone, been lurking around on here for a few months enjoying the chat but, what d'ya know, now I need some help, or information if anyone can help. I have a XR500 1983 I think, the engine type with "RFVC" cast on the rocker cover, anyway, the inlet valve cam followers are toast and need...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    just spotted this nice little bike for sale , £1600 on nothing to do with me , so dont pm me about it Honda XR 500 For sale but if its wheels ,,,,,, im yer man , lol
  12. XR
    Bought this classic twinshocker couple of weeks ago and have now started to restore it. I always wanted one of these as soon as i first saw one when i was a kid.
  13. XR
    can anyone help me i have a 1981 xr 500 which i'm restoring , i have bought genuine honda rear fender to back on but some nutter has sawn the tabs off the frame that the fender bolts too , i need measurements of the tabs flush from the frame
  14. XL
    I am currenlty in the process of swapping my, destroyed, 1982 xl500r motor with a 1982 xr500r motor. I was wondering if anyone has had any expierience with the stator/generator swap? In specific can the lighter xr flywheel be used with the xl stator assembly? Or is the reason for the extra...
  15. XR
    Hi all . My first post on here so take it easy with me lol. Ive got an 1980 twinshock xr500 in boxes and going to start put it back together soon. As anyone got one of these and as anyone got any detailed photos to help me out. Cheers XR500
1-15 of 15 Results