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    Just bought a decent XR500r, it runs great but the throttle is very touchy or sensitive off idle. Any suggestions?
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    hy every one, i have a XR500R 82 and come from Belgium i have made a little site with cool pics of XR and Dakkar xr/xl500r 82 it all come thanks to other web sites sorry it is in french but enjoy the eXpeRience just for you thanks Greg
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    Hi everyone, This will be my first post on this forum,sorry for my english, i'm from belgium. Where do i begin.I find this bike just passing by somewhere 9 months ago.It was in very bad condition.Lot of parts where side panels,control cables,fenders.The engine completly broken...
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    [/URL][/IMG] This is my first attempt at uploading pics to a forum! if pic is here I will start writing about my 82 XR500R restoration, here goes.