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  1. For Sale: Xr650l Anyone

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is just down the road from me nice looking bike but too much money for me
  2. 1986 xr600

    What's it worth?
    Hi All I have a 1986 XR600 in generally good over-all condition, don't think it would need much if indeed anything for M.O.T, runs away fine a bit of smoke on start-up but probably partially down to lack of use, would appreciate if someone could give a rough indication to value as have owned...
  3. Top Yoke Options

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning All, Has anyone had a go at fitting just a top yoke from any of the Honda family? I'm wondering if an XR600 or an XR650L may fit the dommi? I know the ignition switch could be an issue but its more does it fit the forks and stem ok? Reason I ask is I am trying to find a yoke with...
  4. Dutch dirtbike wannebee Alp

    Dutch dirtbike wannebee Alp - lots of pics thread Hi there, my name is Edwin, living in a small village called Schijndel which is in the Netherlands. In my younger years I was a semi fanatic dirtbiker and I was thinking catching up this a little bit. Not as dirtbiker only, but more semi so...
  5. For Sale: Honda XR600 R on a 1995 'N' reg

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR600R – first registered August 1995. £1400 but open to sensible offers please. link to photo bucket >>> Honda XR600R 96 by babyktm250 | Photobucket Yamaha WR upside down fork conversion for far better suspension & braking. ProTaper bars. Great retro stylish throw- back to the early...
  6. My engine is broken. Looking for advice please??? XR600 '93

    So... Riding along and my bike dies.. has no compression..and won't start, next day compression is back but won't start. check valve clearances, and one exhaust valve is too tight. I adjust it and bike starts and i go for a ride.. Pull into my drive and it dies again after 5 mile test run.. i...
  7. Rev, don't lug

    Dominator / FMX
    I've changed the way I ride. Recent experience of needing to fit a new cam got me thinking about top ends vs bottom ends. Over the many years and hundreds of bikes I've had, there have been a few which have killed the top end and on most bikes a dead camshaft means a dead cylinder head too (not...
  8. Make Alp Great Again Rebuild Project

    Hello fellow Alpiners. Alp (1991) and I have been out and about in the world for almost three years now. We've done a fair bit of k's and had the occasional spill. A bad one in Australia particularly left a mark but still managed to put the bike back together again. Now it is time to make this...
  9. XR600 Choke plate??

    Hello. Bought my first XR today, I got it at a good price as its hard to start in cold weather due to the choke plate being removed. Apparently previous owner removed it as they can break up causing serious problems. After checking google, i see this is a common problem. I did get the bike...
  10. New to Forum - Dominator Project Pictures

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everybody, Having spent days googling all things Dominator I found this forum and it looks really good so I've joined and thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am from Fife in Scotland. I've owned mainly sportsbikes for the past 12 years but over the past couple of years I...
  11. Exhaust slip on options for a quieter life? '97 XR600

    Currently have an Arrow exhaust can fitted along with the standard headers. I've fitted an after market dB killer which has quietened it down a little but it's still fookin raw loud when revved. If I start that thing up when I'm on the early shift the neighbours will go ape! What are you lot...
  12. Wanted: XR600 exhaust heat shield

    For Sale / Wanted
    Heat shield for original header pipes. Part number 18325MG3000 needed if anyone has one please.
  13. Wanted: Wanted ! Rockers or complete Rocker Cover for NX 650 , XR650L , XR600 .

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All , As per the header - I need to replace the Rockers on a '03 Dominator, I've looked at E-Bay and most of the stuff is in the States , would prefer to buy from nearer home . Has any body got the Rockers or a complete Rocker Cover to sell or know of one at reasonable money ? Thanks in...
  14. XR 600 top end refresh advice

    Hi folks - I'm new on here and hoping for some advice. I'm about to buy a '96 XR600. The seller has been very honest in that it uses a bit of oil and would benefit from a set of rings and valve stem seals. It'll be a restoration project but I intend to use it for the Spring/Summer first. I'm...
  15. Rear brake switch help...

    Brakes!! Guys, would you be kind enough to show me the rear brake switch position on your frame. My bike came needing a rear brake switch, I bought an original Honda switch, part no 35350-KE5-405 but I can't see how the switch attaches to the frame by the rear brake pedal, there's no obvious...
  16. Where can I get Dommie throttle cables?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again. It's all in the title really. I have a 1996 Dominator and the throttle cables are starting to bind, so I thought I will just hop onto David Silver web site and order new ones..........Oh no, not that easy, they can only supply the 'A' cable. On the dreaded eBay you cant get any for a...
  17. Whats it worth????

    Putting my 98' XR600 up for sale soon and was wondering what would be a realistic price to ask. Its done 2600 miles and has original front tyre, bars, grips and plastics. It will have a new mot and has recently been serviced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Phil's Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    I know there's mixed opinion about chopping up 'perfectly good' bikes, and, in the process wrecking their real world usefulness. But, each to their own, I've had a lot of fun fettling this bike. Thought I'd share the result . . . This bike was a standard '99 NX650 with tatty bodywork and a few...
  19. Building a Scramble!?

    How to.....
    Like to build a Scramble bike, from a xr600 or Dominator. Please come with ideas wich bike is best and other ideas an tips and trix before I start :-) Where to find proper parts and so on... Pictures of your own bikes :-)
  20. Wanted: XL600LMF/RM / XR600 / NX650 Dominator Engine Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I have a gearbox issue with my 1985 XL600RM. I want to strip it down and am looking for any donor parts from either an XL600 RM/LMF engine, XR600 or NX650 dominator. I believe any of these engines will be suitable for donor bottom end parts. The issue I have is most likely suspect...