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  1. XRV.ORG.UK how much time do you spend on here????

    Simple question with a poll. How much time do you spend on the XRV forums???
  2. Fantasy Road Race 2010

    Competitions / Trials
    well actually it's just our own league on the MCN fantasy road race!! the league is called XRV.ORG 2010 and the pin number to join is 1258 potential team managers need to go to MCN Fantasy Road Race and register and then create a team and enter it into our little league! it is quite good fun...
  3. Big Thankyou to Airwolf and XRV.ORG.UK

    The great positive of the web. Last week I saw an add for a CRM250 up in Preston. Now thats a 4 hour drive for me, but I know Airwolf was not too far away so a cheeky pm and the following day he was up there checking it out as a 'first look' for me. This shows the great comaraderie of the XRV...
  4. XRV.ORG Fantasy Road Race - The Result

    As you may or may not know there has been a fierce tactical battle raging behind the quiet and genteel facade of! A group of us have been pitting our knowledge and team management skills against each other and the rest of the country in the MCN Fantasy road race. It has been great...
  5. Thank god for - off sick and bored

    at some point over the weekend I managed to do something weird to my left foot. I don't remember anything but by last night I couldn't put any weight at all on it. This morning I hopped about and after mucho anti-inflammatories and gently putting it down I can put some weight on it if I turn my...
  6. Opieoils Offers For

    Discounts / Deals
    Hi all, Our new website is up and running and we are now ready to make some special offers to the clubs that we have dealings with, of which XRV forum users are already entitled to discount. The idea of this thread is to keep all our offers in one place rather than starting a new thread for...
  7. Newbie just joined

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi to all Just joined the forum after placing my order for a pre reg 07 XL 650v transalp at White Bros in Darlington.Basic model in SILVER with a centre stand pre fitted all for £4644 which was definitely cheaper than Hunts of Manchester or Tillstons of Stockton.:p Think I got a bargain :p...
  8. Personal XRV.ORG decals

    Has anyone ever thought of having/producing personalised XRV.ORG stickers on their bike, would be nice at meets to know who people are especailly for newbies who are going to their first meet. Just a thought!! perhaps I'm just bored tonight:confused: I was thinking something like below - I...
  9. XRV.ORG Man/Women of the Year...

    OK Who closed this thread!!!! Here.... (I've only just seen it!) Right, I'm nominating Me!!! Yes Me.... So failure for you lot to start nominating seriously will result in Me winning, as the only person who got a single vote...! (Hey it could of been worse, Kymmy could of had this...
  10. XRV.Org - more than bikes :-)

    Hi all, I have not been logged on much lately, partly due to work commitments, partly due to an unexpected house move and partly due to travelling to/from Manchester to see the girlfriend..... I first met Vanessa in 2006 on an XRV rideout/camp in Edale, Derbyshire, Vanessa is a long time friend...
  11. 1st "Race and Trial" day.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Thoughts and ideas needed folks: As some people have suggested, in response to Breeze's thread, we could run a similar sort of event here in the UK. I would like to know how many people could be interested in that sort of thing, possibly based in Bedfordshire. Idea - a private land off...
  12. XRV.ORG RALLY 1st international meet

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Okay after to excelent posts about overseas rides.. my travel bug is squiming (lovely image huh?) any way.. I recon that an overseas meet will take some doing.. so lets talk about it now.... Morrooco or Tunisia April/may 2008! (any eariler and i cant go as will be in the feild)
  13. XRV.ORG Couples

    Right then! in light of the revelations in other recent posts i have been thinking - do we have any other 'other halves' on the site? Jenna and Kymmy any others?
  14. XRV.ORG stickers - thanks Anton88

    You will probably be aware that Anton88 has sorted out some stickers for order. got mine - first one installed and lookin' good! can report after a trip to blackpool last night that it appears to have improved the aerodynamics no end, i have stuck it on the screen just above the Honda badge on...