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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Have we noticed any affect on the value of pre 01/07/2007 bikes, especially in the South East? I had a plan to get a post July 2007 FMX (there are few around) and re-frame a Vigor into it, but in the end gave up and went with an August 2007 XT660R instead.
  2. Chatter
    I know we grumble about how the forum isn't the place it used to be and how the rate and pace of threads can be a bit slow, but I have my XT660R's advertised on here, ABR,, and the HUBB. Viewing stats for the identical adverts each of which was posted within afew minutes of each other...
  3. Yamaha
    Couple of pictures of my latest toy Having already owned a 660 Tenere, IMHO the “R” version of the 660 kicks ass. Lighter (easier to pick up without popping a vertebra when you drop it :rolleyes: :D), more flickable and you get than “wind in yer face” effect with it not having a fairing...
  4. Austin's Adventures
    No, not the ride out to to beat all ride outs but as I have executive control of this forum its where I am going to post pictures and ride report updates of my Southern Africa adventure - subject to Wifi access. We fly out tomorrow (Sat), pick up the bikes on Monday and get back to the UK in...
  5. Transalp
    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself before I begin posting. Just bought a 12 month old XLV700 after commuting through last winter on an XT660R I wanted something for easier motorway (holiday) work. Came with full luggage but I'll probably take it all off for everyday use and fit a givi...
  6. Yamaha
    I have p/ex the XT for a TDM900.I have owned it for 5 months it was a 07 model so i had no problems mechanically with it,also it was very good on fuel.So why did i sell it? Well i had a chance to test ride a TDM and i just loved it,and the deal offered was just to good to let go, also it will be...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Thanks Bike no longer for sale
  8. Yamaha
    OKthen, sumpguard sorted, handguards sorted,handlebars sorted,now want a larger screen.there's talk of going to Spain next year,so any advice? Good or bad.
  9. Yamaha
    Just fitted UFO handguards i bought from Busters £39.99.Cheaper than the Yamaha ones.When i removed the original bar ends i found that they were secured by a rubber plug with a metal centre which was glued to the bar i had to drill this rubber plug out then clean up the residue.The UFO internal...
  10. Yamaha
    Can anyone recomend a reasonably priced sumpguard for the XT660R?
  11. Yamaha
    Just p/ex the ALP for a XT660R 5 days and done over 400 miles doing over 65mpg.Also have a TTR250 for 3 years now.Anyone got a XT660?:thumbup:
1-11 of 11 Results