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  1. Too okd for this xxxx

    Dominator / FMX
    Just got back from my first ride out for this year and boy was it cold but fun:thumbup: Now I have to wash my bike tomorrow to get rid of all the salt but it was worth it for the 100 miles of fun i just had. Looking forward to spring. :D:D:D
  2. What the xxxx should I do?

    Dominator / FMX
    I am heading off to test ride my dommie that I treated to a wiseco piston,down to my mates biker pub in Hannover next weekend. I volunteered my services to be his DJ for his 60th birthday party.(got my MP3 filled with 400 songs, 80-90 rock stuff):compress::compress::compress: I have baked him...
  3. is there a list of any other parts that fit dominators?

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all i was part of the skylineowners for a few years ,one guy started a thread off which was, what parts from other models and some completly dif brands of motor vichicle fit skyline cars ,,now wouldnt it be grate if we knew like say the forks of such bike slot right into a dominator and the...
  4. Happy birthday J

    Would have served breakfast in bed but we are sleeping on the floor Happy birthday my lovely xxxxx
  5. Dr. Danger Mouse birthday greetings

    AKA Doc Law Happy Birthday Ros xxxx
  6. Happy birthday Sharrie

    Happy birthday girly xxxxx
  7. Parkers used bike guide - gone????

    What's it worth?
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a Used bike pricing guide? Parkers seem to have removed theirs; MCN just refer you to their adverts; Used Bike Guide doesn't seem to have one any more. Glasses also dont seem to do bike. Googling brings up loads of "we buy any" sites and all...
  8. Lets say Engine Rebuild ............

    Africa Twin
    Lads I know I'm going to get eaten .....but Ive done a forum search for "engine rebuild" getting places but........ First question my vin is HMXRD04 210XXXX (also did a forum search for "VIN NUMBERS") is my bike a 1990 H or 1991 H ? Second question Lets say I decide to rebuild my engine my...
  9. Model Year Identification XL250 RFVC

    OK, next question I'm trying to identify the exact year of my bike but the engine number doesn't tally with the ones in the Clymer manual: MD11E-5105198 The manual shows MD11E-5100016 to 5103798 as 1985 but then jumps to 520xxxx for 1986, so doesn’t cover mine! So I can only guess...
  10. Dyno results

    Just back from the Dyno man - actually it was "Dyno UK Ltd" - the real people who are based about 2 miles from where I live, although I never knew it 'til last week. There was a BSB race team there - the dyno guy said it was xxxx (can't remember name) like I should have been impressed. Anyway...