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  1. XL 600 18L Acerbis Tank

    What's it worth?
    I mistakenly bought a tank, it was described as fitting an XT600 Yam, it doesn't - Its an Acerbis Tank and has 1835 stamped underneath, 18L twin taps, and it was described as fitting as a Honda XL600 - though I'm not sure what year, I think 88 ish. Here's a pic - the one I have is in black - and...
  2. Swapped over today.

    My friend has just traded his Hornet in for a Tenere XT 660 with all the luggage and goodies on as hes taking 3 months off work to do an Eastern euro tour.What can I say we swapped over bikes for about twenty miles and I was really impressed with the Yam,not vibey at all and really comfortable...
  3. Sold: Tucano Urbano Handlebar Muffs model R323N

    For Sale / Wanted
    Now sold :) Came with the XT600E I bought off my son, about half a winters use. In good condition with no loose stitching that affected another set I had. I dont think these muffs fitted over the Yam handguards but they are big and roomy and you may get them over but they are designed to be...
  4. Classic bike show

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    One of out local Villages has had today it's 3rd Annual Classic bike show, seems to be a day od bike and car shows down here today there's been several on. It was split into diffeent classes ie modern classic, classic, trike etc loads of classes i think there were about 200 bikes on display...
  5. 2-up on a 660?

    I am planning on renting a bike in Corsica for a few days, with probably around 3 days of 2-up touring. It appears I can get a Yam 660 for a LOT less money than a vstrom (which I know is dead comfy 2-up, cos I've got one) or NC700X. Without me posting pics of the missus' ras, can anyone offer...
  6. Enduro tyres for wet weather

    Does anyone have any advice on enduro tyres which are good on wet Tarmac? I just bought a new super tenere and put conti TKC's 80 which I have always used on my other bikes but for some reason I'm sliding all over the place on this yam? I've dropped it twice on the Tarmac and I not sure what...
  7. Provisional Licence

    Can someone who is the know confirm something for me on riding a 125 on a provisional licence please? My lad passed his CBT last year when he was 16. This I understand allows him to obtain a provisional licence that allowed him to ride a 50cc until he is 17 (soon) and then a 125cc bike after...
  8. DNA Air Filters

    DNA - High Performance Filters Anyone used these on their TA? A search didn't yield any results. They are quite highly thought of on the Yam XT660 forum. K&N's seem to be the high-flow filters people many people think of, but I have heard the odd report about high flow coming at the expense of...
  9. Damp Day Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Arrived in Builth Wells at 9.30am sharp to find a member of the public hassling PhilW to sell him his shiny Alp :D, after a brief chat, we headed for Elan Village, and the first of the Reservoirs built to supply Water to Yam Yam land From here we had a quick ride round Claerwen, followed by...
  10. Virginity ....Gone!!!

    Nice day yesterday so when I got the logs in, walked and fed the dog etc., etc., I took myself off on the first road ride on my AT!!! Wow! What a feeling. To say it was different from the Yam 125 would not be an understatement! Have to get the legs used to being spread a lot wider and...
  11. Hello from a Newbie with Vigor

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello the group! I knew Domis when they had 2 cylinders and clip-ons Just bought a 2001 FX-650 Vigor, 9700 miles so I don't regard the ashtray as full yet. Havn't seen it in daylight yet - its my funcommuter Micro-bio: sixtymumble engineer. Had singles since age 15, raced moto-x for a few...
  12. XR 250- any good?

    Hi all, I've posted something similar in the little Yam section, so hoping to get a few more views on here, I'm looking at an XR250 and a TT250R Raid and wondered what experiences people had (it's an import with elec start) and want it for my local lanes which are sometimes/ often muddy and...
  13. Yam R1

    R1 Tracker doing powerslides... YouTube - Gregg's Customs R1 Tracker from February's World's Coolest Bikes issue and nearly falls over YouTube - Cernicky almost crashes //Kjell
  14. Wanted: Yam dt50r 2003 Manual

    For Sale / Wanted
    Can anyone help with a manual for the above bike? Just stripped out to have the crank sorted, pulled the crank cases apart to have bits fall out everywhere. I can sort it but a manual will save me alot of time.
  15. Has anyone ridden a Yam XT660Z?

    Anyone out there tried one or know of a dealer with a demo? I know Timpo on ADV has one but there ain't much out there. Will I be disappointed if I replace my AT with one????????????:confused:
  16. For Sale: XTZ 750 breaking on yam club forum

    For Sale / Wanted xtz750 tenere, breaking complete bike all parts,1990 white and red not mine, will ask him for contact details merv
  17. 92 Yam 660 Ten

    Does anyone know if someone does replacement bodywork except Yamaha?? I'd like to tart her up abit...
  18. Wanted for Yam Belgarda 600 TT

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi has ant one got or know where I can get a large tank (22ltr+) and spare set of wheels/tyres for my Yam Belgarda 600 TT Italian import, the one with the the Ohlins up side down front forks, 97vintage, lecky start only, would be interested in a good rear shock too, kindest regards to all...
  19. Wanted, Yam TT600 Belgarda bit's

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi just on the off chance someone on this site has or knows a man who has, looking for a set of good wheels for the Yamaha Italian import Belgarda TT600, the one with the usd front forks, electric start (only) 97/98 model, that I have, also a large 22 ltr tank, any help greatly appreciated...