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  1. Manual

    Cheap manual anybody, yeah I know all your money has gone on beer :D
  2. Another tyre question

    Im'e just about to order a new pair of tourances for the 650. The ones Im'e ordering are S rated and are replacing some H rated which I got from Busters a while ago, they have been superb tyres done over 11,400 miles and have just about worn out together. My question is does anybody know if the...
  3. Oh Yeah baby !

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Saw a Cross Runner in red today and it looked very nice with the full luggage on.Makes me think I might just make room for one,anybody else fallen in love with one ?
  4. Why shouldn't cutting the lawn be fun!!

    Ok so I was bored tonight, now I have a racing lawn mower:D Next on the list of mods is a mini exhaust which I'll try and turn on the be continued. Oh yeah and if KTM made lawn mowers.........
  5. I was wondering if I could tackle Hardknott Pass on my GS.

    and then I saw a photo on wikipedia, of someone doing it in a Bond Bug! LOL So, yeah, I can.
  6. Oil drain plug too tight

    Africa Twin
    Yeah my AT oil drain plug is too tight and i can´t get it out. Sure i can get a bigger spanner/lever until it comes out but i fear i might risk cracking/damaging the pan. Last time i´ve changed the oil was at my local Honda dealer. Guess the guys there used more torque than the recommended and...
  7. Couldn't Resist Her!! Not off-road but a nice twin all the same.....

    Saw this and thought, yeah always fancied one of those.... the rest they say is history, she's now in the garage awaiting a little loving and TLC If you don't know its an RD350F:thumbright: Anyone on here owned one?
  8. This will wind you up...

    Judge blames driver's over-reliance on sat nav as he jails him for killing a motorcyclist | Mail Online Tried to blame it on his satnav, yeah, i often look at my satnav whilst overtaking on the wrong side of the road in heavy rain, TO$$ER!!!!! Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing...
  9. Yeah, I know - its been done to death, but.....

    Africa Twin
    .....Tyres! Its time to get some new boots on Dessi the @. I was looking at a Tiger the other day - don't worry I was shaking my head throughout the veiwing and spat on the ground as I walked off, but - it had Tourances fitted and the front was a monster compared to mine, (the size escapes me...
  10. Shes Getting Hot !!! (Yeah baby!!!)

    Africa Twin
    Ummm.... After reading lots of threads about the running temperature being very Low on all your @'s this leads me to conclude I have a problem, maybe. On an open road she runs just above cold, but as soon as I hit any traffic at lower speeds in town etc. the temp rises mid way. If I'm in...