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  1. Wanted: AT 07A Clutch basket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Think I may require a clutch basket for my 98 Africa Twin,does anybody have one lying at the back of their shed ?? :confused: Will buy the whole assembly if need be. Mine is making a helluva racket, having getting me home from Ireland last week. Cash or Paypal thingy, whatever rocks yer boat...
  2. Fair Cop

    I have a site hack for working on Skye, it's a Citroen Nemo van, great little thing for grifting along the deserted roads on Skye. Know I shouldn't, but I'm in and out of the van that much that I rarely put my driver's seat belt on, I just stick the passenger seat belt clip into my drivers...
  3. Dolphins nil

    Took my grand daughters out on one of them dolphin spotting boats on Saturday, never saw a bloody dolphin, not one :( But,we had a great day out, scooting up and down the Moray Firth on a boat which didn't hang about. Setting off from Avoch harbour on the Black isle, nice and slow Then...
  4. Decompression cable mount wanted XR600

    Guys, anybody have spare decompression cable mount? Small shaped piece of metal. Could ship it to Latvia? :)
  5. Hope you enjoyed or still enjoying the sun from the TTB's

    Hi All Another Blog up on our site for you to enjoy.... it's been a hot one summer at last at the right tme of the year... yer!!! But some times to hot to get out on the bike and not going out with out my kit on, not like some of those super hero's in t-shirts and flip-flops.. Looking...
  6. New Toy

    Couple of pictures of my latest toy Having already owned a 660 Tenere, IMHO the “R” version of the 660 kicks ass. Lighter (easier to pick up without popping a vertebra when you drop it :rolleyes: :D), more flickable and you get than “wind in yer face” effect with it not having a fairing...
  7. Winxp Happy Birthday Craig!

    :occasion6:To a genuinely good man..... Have a good one mate..... :occasion5: Do yer chores first mind...:toothy5: :occasion4:
  8. Unexpected Bike Display (Lancs)

    Other Bikes
    Went round to Winfields in Haslingden last week, just looking for a hat for the wean (while visiting the in-laws in Ramsbottom - hurr-hurr...) and had a pleasant surprise looking at a fine display of nearly 50 bikes in their cafe, of all places... eg) http:// Apparently, these are a 'small...
  9. So you've ridden your Motorbike up a Mountain have Yer !

    Some of you know that i enjoy a spot of Cycling, last Year i pedalled up Mont Ventoux in Provence, been up a few times prior on Motorbikes, but it's not the same. Anyhoo, this Year it was off to the Alps. First Campsite we stopped at was just 150 Miles South of Calais, a place i have used many...
  10. 17 tooth on front....??

    Africa Twin
    Just wondering if any of you guys have a 17 tooth for the front sprocket on yer AT's ?? I have just taken the cover off and was surprised at mine having one and especially the lack of clearance between sprocket and gear selector shaft......not more than a mm !!! I knew the previous owner had...
  11. Raasay - Calum's Road

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well the Northern contingent had a great day out, good weather and most of all GREAT CRAIC :thumbup: The huuuuggge ferry :D Raymo's front mudguard :confused: This is where it should belong The start of Calum's road, constructed by a man and a barrow A Castle on Raasay :confused::D...
  12. Get yer rocks off

    Spotted several of these on the way to the Stella Alpina - Beware falling stones Spotted this on the way down from the Jafferau tunnel ....... Remember to wear your helmet!!! Paul
  13. For Sale: 1980 xr500 for sale spotted on mxtrax uk , just now ,,,,,

    For Sale / Wanted
    just spotted this nice little bike for sale , £1600 on nothing to do with me , so dont pm me about it Honda XR 500 For sale but if its wheels ,,,,,, im yer man , lol
  14. The Naming

    As we all know, yer trusty steed needs a name, sometimes it'll be an affectionate and gentle name, sometimes it is named with a touch of respect and/or fear! My Vara is now named, as it's the first bike I have ever owned and cannot pick up on my own! BUFF as she shall now be known, fell over...
  15. welsh boyo's keep yer eyes open

    cos there's a scumbag wants his eyes putting out... I'll accept that anybody can make a mistake & none of us are infallable (least of all me) & are capable of having an accident, I cannot, however concieve of any acceptable reason...
  16. Anger Management?

    Away yer go......:hitler: Bus Driver Jailed For Hitting Cyclist, Attack On CCTV | UK News | Sky News D'yer think he had the 'Hump'?
  17. TRO request in Kent

    Taken from the ABR site, yet another TRO Ok so its another TRO and its in Kent but you don't have to live there or be in the TRF to object. You Pay road Tax so you have the right to use it no matter where you live. It's about your rights to enjoy our countryside on LEGAL byways. Last time just...
  18. What's yer poison?

    At this very moment I am downing this........ and very nice it is to :thumbup: some nice person gave it to me for my birthday and I've just found it :blob: Bob
  19. Yer Tiz

    The futures bright, the futures ******. Well having gotten fed up waiting for Honda to come up with a replacement for the Africa Twin I decided to bite the bullet and go for the natural succesor. Ladies and Gentlemen here is my new steed and she's a beauty... Christ I must love...
  20. Front tube blowouts 'n pickin turf from yer ears

    Africa Twin
    Yup, it's been a great day so far. I'd gone for a gallop towards Achill when I spotted lots of big black clouds ahead and the rain started coming down. The forecast wasn't great so I diverted back a bit and down some boreens for a bit of exploring. I was zooming up and down gravelly bog...