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  1. FMX Fork Dimensions

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Please could somone measure the diameter of the FMX forks, the part that goes through the yokes, if possible I would also like to know the distance between the fork legs? Many thanks Jim
  2. help needed with twisted/bent forks?

    Someone helpfully drove into me this week, they hit the very front of front wheel (from the side) i have slackened off the top and middle yokes, removed the fork brace and mudguard, and bashed the wheel against a lampost but I can't get it straight/true this photo was taken with the wheel...
  3. Torque settings for 2002 fx650y

    Dominator / FMX
    does anyone know or tell me where i could find the correct torque settings,the ones i need are as follows,the oil filter housing bolts,sump bung bolts(on frame and at the bottem),rear wheel axle,front wheel station,fork yokes and also the two allen key bolts on the head the ones that would be...
  4. Front Brake Upgrade Options! RD07A (1998 W Vin No)

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks Re: RD07A (1998 W Vin No) Front Brakes Upgrade! Been quite a while since my last post and, I dare to raise this old chestnut again! BTW, I have searched the forum but, I'm hoping there may be more recent research and actual upgrades that someone may be kind enough to advise on. Last...
  5. Top Yoke Options

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning All, Has anyone had a go at fitting just a top yoke from any of the Honda family? I'm wondering if an XR600 or an XR650L may fit the dommi? I know the ignition switch could be an issue but its more does it fit the forks and stem ok? Reason I ask is I am trying to find a yoke with...
  6. Build project using an SLR motor

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, hope its ok to post about this here, I'm building a 60's race replica sort of thing using an SLR motor and would like some engine tuning advice! Hopefully it'll end up something similar to this.... But using relatively modern bits, from the SLR motor, headstock, yokes, wheel hubs and...
  7. For Sale: slr forks and super moto wheels

    eBay - Dominator
    honda slr650 forks with yokes super moto wheels | eBay
  8. RD08 Front end

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone need one i have a complete front end going, that's a wheel with good disc caliper forks and yokes if your interested make me an offer i'm in the south wales area willing to post if your willing to pay for the delivery :thumbup:
  9. Lowering SLR650

    Dominator / FMX
    I think I'd like the SLR I'm picking up to be a bit lower so have been looking at how to do it. This lowering block: Honda SLR 650 RD09 1996 MFW Lowering Kit Drop 30mm | eBay - pic below - looks like a good start for the rear shock but not yet having the bike I'm not sure how it fits. I'm...
  10. Engines and other good stuff for sale

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm having a clearout so there's a lot of good stuff for sale. Everything is here for collection from Dronfield S18 FX650 Engine, 27000 miles, I've checked the cam and followers and there is no damage so it's a good one. Bought from A1 breakers to keep as a spare. Generator case and starter...
  11. XR400 lowering - CRF250L Sidestand

    This may be useful to someone. In trying to reduce the ride height of my 2004 XR400R, I wound the rear shock preload off and dropped the front forks through the yokes. However, I then found the sidestand was to long with the bike in danger of tipping over. I needed a shorter sidestand. Rather...
  12. Fitting Intimators.

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a pair of these to install in an RD04. However, I've lost the fitting guide they came with. Can these be fitted without removing the fork stanchions from the yokes - or is it best done with the front end disassembled and the stanchions removed ? And those two (2 inch)spacer tubes --...
  13. Wanted: wanted fmx forks and yokes

    For Sale / Wanted
    hello new here, im after a set of forks and yokes off an fmx thanks:)
  14. Drz Front End .... its on

    Africa Twin
    Well dropped the Mrs and daughter off at the airport on Tues for a week away woop woop ! Anyway been to busy to set aside a day or 2 messing with this front end .... well i got it bolted up and everything fitted great .... The forks ATM are out the top of the yokes 20mm im thinking...
  15. Wanted: Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLVED!!! - Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links Hey guys, Tracey finally has her dream G650 GS, :rolleyes: but even with the factory lower seat and the pre-load wound off the back shock and the front forks pushed up the yokes 20mm its still in tippy-toe land. So............... Anyone...
  16. SLR /Dommie interchangeable Bits n Bobs

    Dominator / FMX
    HI Guys, i have a SLR, an id like to know if stuff is interchangable from the dommie to the will the dommie wheels fit straight on a slr.??? will the Forks fit, ? as they are 2inch longer, what im after, not really caring about geometry as I wont be flying doin track days,,its fur the...
  17. XL500S Disc brake conversion

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I need some advice about converting my bike from drum brake front to disc as i have recently had some heart stopping moments with my front brake, i would like to change the front end without having to do too much engineering and also keep the steering geometry as...
  18. Your help needed

    Hi all I have just purchased what I think is a 1982 XR250 that I plan to restore, it has drum brakes front and rear I would like to change these to discs does anyone know if I can put a newer forks on to my existing yokes and also could I change the rear swing arm with one that has a disc break...
  19. KTM LC$ USD fork conversion

    Dominator / FMX
    KTM LC4 USD fork conversion I have started to look at KTM LC4 forks for my dommie project as they seem to be more readily available on ebay than the CRF 250/450 I have been searching for.:rolleyes: Can the KTM fork legs be used on the CRF yokes I already have or do I need to buy a complete...
  20. Wanted: RD07A upper yokes

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for upper yokes for RD07A (post your offers to PM please).