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  1. 2020 Yamaha YZ Lineup NEW YZ125x

    Yamaha :cool:
  2. 2020 KTM XCW Lineup - New TPI model

    Everything Orange - KTM :cool:
  3. How to get your kid started in dirt biking - P1

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    :thumbleft: :thumbright:
  4. For Sale: Mivv carbon exhaust with link pipe for Honda Transalp XL600V 1997-1999

    For Sale / Wanted
    These are meant for the 650 but fitted my 600 and sounds really good, deep burble. £129 posted
  5. New drive sprocket

    Hi, ..... I am looking for a bit of clarification please re: my new drive sprocket. The Honda manual (& YouTube vids) all state ..... install with the tooth number stamped on the socket, facing out. (this was the case on the one I just took out) But the new Renthal sprocket I have, appears...
  6. 650 with Delkevic silencer?

    Anyone here fitted a Delkevic silencer to their 650? Like this one below Does it interfere with genuine OEM pannier frames? Does it really add more power?
  7. Long time no speak! Finding some AT film locations...

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, it's been a while, hope you are all well and loving your new / old ATs :D Sold mine, didn't want to but ironically the difference from an older GS funded our ADV to Spain to hunt down some of those Africa Twin film locations from the original marketing videos. Can't make this up if you...
  8. This Is An Interesting Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    I have no idea if this has been posted before, but, imho, its impressive for a Dominator and in same bike colours as mine too :) Website below Honda Dominator
  9. i dont know whats up with m comppter latery

    this is my church this is one of my hymns sorry about the double post still its a cracking song and worth hearing twice .
  10. New Off-road Romania guidebook

    Hello to everybody, Thinking of where to ride off-road next summer? A new guidebook will be out soon: Off-road Romania. It has an 3050 kilometers track covering the Carpathian Mountains. There is a short video teaser below and more details here: Off-road Romania Guidebook | Carpathian 2...
  11. Hope you're all following....Lyndon Poskitt this year's Dakar

    Thought I'd post a link here. Great stuff!
  12. Transalp sidecar...on ice

  13. Paris Dakar bikes - video

    No Transalps, but an interesting video....
  14. RD03 Braced Screen

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know what screen this guy has in his Youtube vid?
  15. Highest mountain passes of the world, up to 5602 meters!

    We had a wonderful roadtrip over the highest mountain passes of the world, up to 5602 meters! Here's a short video of our trip: More videos on our website, Facebook or Youtube. Https://
  16. interesting TA 600 mod (video)

  17. Transalp/Africa Twin hybrid

  18. Africa Twin club Greece trip to "Kalamata"

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A video from a recent trip to "Kalamata"
  19. CRF 1000l tank fuel filter

    Africa Twin
    Hi, i made this vid to show how i instald a motocross fuel filter in my crf 1000, i hope its usfell for anybody ho wants to travel.