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  1. bmw gs wheels repaired refurbed

    if youve ever tried to change a spoke on one of these beasts , you`ll really appreciate these ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, new oem spokes from motoradd , powdercoated rims , powdercoated hubs ,,,,,,, @sfxwheels
  2. Wanted: Bark Busters or similar to fit 650 Tranny

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im after a pair of Bark Busters or similar hand guards to replace the cheap plastic ones on my 650 Tranny.Please let me knowwhat youve got and your price. Thanks.
  3. ha the celtic clan is growing!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    think ive found the right page now, ok as youve gest Im another welsh git,been lurkin only a couple of times and saw your national event in dartmoor so I thaught Ill have some of that! dont ride an xrv sorry but a 1998 vfr800 well its a honda init? also got a big traily, its a aprilia etv 1000...
  4. Africa Twin general performance top speed and fuel consumption

    Africa Twin
    Thanks for replies about lowering a twin. Whats the top speed of the Africa -will it do over 100? What do they do to the gallon?? If youve ridden in europe you'll know you have to go over a ton to stay alive sometimes. I'm riding a Trophy 900 at present with a Transalp 600v as a runabout...
  5. First XRV BikeSafe Day - Sun 9th March 08

    Right then - this is now reserved for us for Sunday the 9th March, at the Ace Cafe. Heres what you need to do: Call 0845 2307407 Tell them you want to bookup for Sunday 9th March You MUST Identify yourself as a member of XRV as thats the name it's reserved in Pay with your credit or...
  6. Christmass Pressy Ideas Thread

    It's that time of year again folks - when we've got to start wracking our brains for ideas for the kids, loved ones, better halfs, second cousin twice removed by marriage !!!! So use this thread to post up stuff youve got that you liked, share your ideas, post links to cool stuff - anything...
  7. IPSWICH Dirty Dozen

    Justice...... Whilst at work last night, justice was served on 12 scooter nobs...:D I and my other partner in crime were delivering to a shop in the center of Ipswich. The roads a no entry to motorvehicles, except buses, taxi's and delivery vehicles. I follow my mate down and as i stop he...
  8. Don't open the box !!!!!!!

    ... so little alpslapper :angel7: is chatting to her mate on the phone making arrangements for ME to take HER to see her mate in cambridge next weekend (without actually asking I might add)!! .. while she's chatting I look up the address in our address book on google earth and shout up to her...
  9. A very good post Dakar read if youve got time.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    From ADVrider: By Tim Hall of Heartland-Dakar :
  10. PSSSST !!! Whisper !!!

    SHHHHHHH !! I don't want to temp fate - BUT - I think Dr Ballock is gone !!! And I thought we were winning him over to our nice cuddly ways. Now youve gone and chased him away!!! Poor wee thing out there in the big bad world , all alone , with no XRV love to get him through the bad times...
  11. mot tester manual/notes

    Mechanical Advice
    Heres a link to mot manual/notes. Good if youve got an mot coming up and need to know what to check first: It covers cars as well, but if you scrolll down to section 9 you will see section for motorcycles.
  12. Bike wallpapers

    If youve seen this before sorry. But a good site with a selection of Bikes,Cars, Movies and BABES! :D