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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Pivot Pegz for XLV 650/700.(Yr 2000-2008) For when you get sick of slipping and sliding off your OEM pegs. In good nick apart from some superficial scratches on one. (pictured) Pivot Pegz Multiple Testimonials Happy to post from Australia. $160AU + postage Cheers, Graeme
  2. Varadero
    I´m checking out the PC-page and there is pcV(16-006) and also Autotune AT-200 only for modell 2003-2009. Is there anybody who has fitted on newer or knows it´s the same for modell 2010 and newer Powercommander Varadero...
  3. XR
    my xr has gone through a metzler 6 days in 300 mls, what is everyone else using I do 50/50 dirt road the 6 days was new when I bought bike
  4. XL
    anyone know where i can buy 23 inch front tyre for my xr?mark
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    May be doing a Road/Trail ride on Sat 15th June. Taking in Llynne Brianne-Strata Florida-Devils Bridge-Nant Y Moch-Nant Yr Arian. Anyone interested ?
  6. Dominator / FMX
    What is the best way to soften up a 20 yr old base gasket to try and get it off? Solvent, flame thrower,angle This gasket is well hard and dont want to come off.
  7. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Weather Permitting, this will be a cracker. 9.30am meet just outside of Llandovery for Breakfast, then: Roman Road Trail nr Myddfai Tarmac around scenic Llynne Brianne Strata Florida Trail Devils Bridge Nant y Moch Nant Yr Arian Trail Aberystwyth Mountain Road Piano Keys Trail Rhayader A big day...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Horrors of horrors :D I am tempted to the light side of Glenfiddich 12 yr old malt. I know, but the price of this delightful little dram has dropped considerably, so much so that I have taken on a considerable amount as a wee stash for the cold weather don't ya know ;) I'll see how things go...
  9. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Designed with BMW 1200 GS riders in mind - these don't look very dual sport to me Michelin Unveils New Tire for Dual Sport Motorcycles - News
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone got any experience of oset electric trials bikes. I got offered one at cost price and thinking of getting it for my 5 yr old.
  11. Transalp
    Firstly, apologies for yet another tyre question but..... I've seen 2 different rear tyre sizes and now I'm getting confused (doesn't take much). The options are 130/80-17 and 120/90-17, could someone please tell me what the difference is between the two? Thank you.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Heart-warming story from Australia Elderly resident fights off armed intruders: police
  13. Transalp
    Hi all!. I`m new here. I`ve had my Alp for about a yr now and absolutely love it!. Did wales last yr, Scotland and Eire this yr. Unfortunatly had an off in Eire and bent the bars and snashed the hand guard (r/h). A few scuffs and scrapes to the bodywork, but fortunatly the panniers took most of...
  14. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello everyone. I just wanna spread the word that my Beemer is for sale on ebay. Looking for a nice example of a 2000yr + Africa Twin. Spread the word. Cheers, Paul Paul Webb Hereford 07886 863669 [email protected]
  15. BMW
    Just a tip, there is an R65GS ex Danish Army on sale here: BMW 247 E 645 cc offroad motorcykel. til salg. P Retrade kan du kbe brugt udstyr, maskiner, kretjer og andet overskudsmateriel online. Lgg dit bud n! Something for our Danish Forum members looking for a cheap sturdy Airhead GS? There...
  16. Transalp
    Hi,I am a new owner of xl700 yr2008 and want to save a bit by doing my own sevice the bike had it valves done at 10000mls when would they need doing again also a full service plugs etc ? Its done 15500mls do i need to change the air filter ? at what milage do you change them if so K&N or the...
  17. Africa Twin
    Does anybody know the biggest tyre you can put on the back of an Africa twin and does it affect anything. What about the biggest rear tyre for a Dommie. Would the 140 from a standard AT fit. thanks
  18. Varadero
    I washed the Varadero and gave it a polish today, as the weather was fine I took it for a quick spin. Around town then out the coast road west, great to get back out on the mighty Vara again! Just a word of warning for anyone who's been off the road for a few months over winter, apart from the...
1-18 of 21 Results