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  1. Africa Twin compatible Rec/Reg

    Bodgers Corner
    This may help someone, as it actually got me out of a lot of trouble. A couple of months ago, the rec/reg on my Africa Twin RD04 became faulty and started putting out voltages in the region of 18-19v. The usual symptoms of a faulty rec/reg are blown bulbs, erratic RPM needle, and a unpleasant...
  2. SH125, Starter Battery

    Other Honda
    Hi all, my inner city work horse (SH125 from 2002) needs a new starter battery. I guess the OEM starter battery is a YTX7L-BS from Yuasa. Can anyone confirm/correct this? Cheers Markus
  3. Battery: Yuasa vs Dynavolt

    Need to replace batt. on 650 Transalp. It has a Yuasa YTZ12S (gel filled batt.) Original replacement part from Honda is 135 euro but found Dynavolt MG12ZS (also gel filled) for 70 euro. Anyone heard of Dynavolt brand? Are they reliable or just another Chinese imitation? Thanks in advance for...
  4. 1990 transalp rev counter not working and will only pull 80kph

    i only just bought the bike my first transalp . it was fine the first day i had it the next day when i started it up it was very dead and life less i figured it would warm up a bit and be fine after a mile or 2 it died completly . i switched it to reserve it started up agin but still sounded...
  5. Which battery type A2 or B2?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm confused....:confused:. I need to buy a replacement battery for my AT but don't know whether it should be the A2 or B2 spec?? The battery on the bike now is a B2 but a couple of websites state the A2 as the correct one to purchase, when you put in the bike details (1990 RD04L)...
  6. Battery Problem

    Mechanical Advice
    My battery has let me down twice in the past few weeks so its time to change. Ive bought a new Yuasa one but have a problem with the wiring in the bike. I dropped the bashplate and noted a wire was not joined to where it should be. Theres 2 wires going into the negative side, and 1 going into...
  7. Dying battery - did something kill it?

    My battery has died a couple of times recently, after leaving the bike for around 2 weeks each time. Whn straight off the battery charger I get 12.7v across the terminals, this drops within an hour to 12.5v, where it has now stayed for a couple of days (indoors). Immediately after charging it...
  8. None starter

    Other Honda
    Hi Help reqd, I have a cg125 which I comut on, on Friday morning the bike started up as normal but after a stop off on the way to work it would not start, not even any attemp to spin the starter it was as if the battery was flat, After standing at work all day it fired up Ok, When I got home I...
  9. Bizarre battery issue

    Hi guys, I have a strange (to me at least) battery related issue, for which I found no relevant post, so I’ll try to describe it in case someone can figure it out or propose something: I bought my TA 12 months ago 2 months later, a snowy morning the battery was flat. I bought and installed a...
  10. My AT sidecar project.

    Africa Twin
    Time is running out ! Well here is the list of parts (some of them) that I'm waiting for, to get the AT rebuilt. Still too, waiting patiently in the back of my van is the sidecar.:( 1 X 45135-MY1-000 1 X 45510-MV1-305 1 X 53170-MN9-000 1 X 17920-MY1-000 1 X 17950-MY1-000 1...
  11. For Sale: 1992 Africa Twin RD04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1992 Africa Twin RD04 NOW SOLD! SOLD! I think it's time for a change. Most of the details are in this thread: 1992 RD04 Africa Twin Since the above thread was started I've done the following: Changed the "Horrible Heidenaus" for Conti Escapes Fitted new front discs and pads Fitted a new...
  12. For Sale: Africa Twin 1998 for SALE!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Queen, the AFRICA TWIN XRV750 1998 with ONLY 13,829 easy miles. Fully fitted with accessories to travel the world: Hand Protectors, Headlight Protector, Additional fog headlight, Chainguard, Rear brake calliper cover, Crashbars, Tinted Windscreen, Scottoiler, brand new Battery...
  13. Battery bricked?

    Mechanical Advice
    A mate of mine is restoring a 70's Honda 750 four that he has owned for a very long time, the bike has been sitting in his garage for many years. He bought a new Yuasa battery for it a few months ago and quote "it seems to have stopped working". I've had a look at said battery and sure enough...
  14. Battery Makes

    Mechanical Advice
    Dead battery on my my KLE this morning. Looking at Motobatt, Yuasa and Kyoto. Kyoto is cheap. Any views? Anyone had any problems with them? Had Yuasa in the past and Motobatt is expensive, but has cracking Amps. Cheers John
  15. TA650 Battery Heads Up - YTZ12S v YT12A-BS

    I've had issues with the cheap and nasty battery someone fitted to my TA. It's been struggling with cold starts yet the charging system checks out fine. It's a dead battery in spite of it looking almost brand new. Reading various threads here, it seems people opt for the YT12A-BS or...
  16. Battery Type

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, In need of help! the battery has died on my beloved 2000 @ I fitted a new one last october a Yuasa, having only lasted a year I'm well miffed. It does look like the battery is at fault as all the wigglies are doing the right thing, is there another make I could try and if so does...
  17. what type of bettery should i go for?

    Mechanical Advice
    morning all,:hello2: its getting o that time of year where the @ is struggling to start in the morings and i need to replace its battery. ive always fitted the genuine Yuasa battery and before i re order, are there any better ones on the market? and if so where did you get them from...
  18. Batteries

    Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone give me the website of a decent place in the UK to get a battery? Looking for a Yuasa or similar for a CRF. Thanks a lot.:thumbright:
  19. Clutch problem -Advice needed please!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have just stripped out the clutch assembly on my 2002 model Africa Twin (Y series) to try and find out why sometimes the gear changes are crunchy from first to second, the bike has only cover 12,000 miles. On strip down I found a small wear edges on the clutch basket and some sharp...
  20. Batterie for 125

    Hi, Could anyone recomend a replacement batterie for a friends 2004 model 125, theres a Yuasa on it at the moment but it drains over a couple of days. Thanks. Tony.