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    Trying to keep it quiet, eh?... Too late....Happy Birthday, Dave....have a great day? :occasion6: :occasion7: :sunny:
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    Since the 2013 Calendar Photography thread has started to get hijacked by people putting up photos of their bikes lying down for a rest, here's thread for the photos, and more importantly, the excuses. Let the fibbing begin - Michel, refilling his gearbox, apparently. and DDW's Vara being...
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    Happy birthday, Dave . Have a great day. :occasion7: :occasion6: :occasion4: :sunny:
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    And ANOTHER birthday! Have a good one, Dee Duble Yuh. How does it feel to share your birthday with the Dark Lord???! :rolleyes: Anyway, hope you have a good day. Lou x.:wav::occasion5::occasion6:
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    Hey! I hope you don't think you can keep your birthday quiet - have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :occasion9::occasion1::occasion2::occasion4::occasion6::occasion5: Meesh :sunny:
1-5 of 10 Results