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  1. Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend somewhere to send all my bolts to for zinc plating and my bits of chrome pipe for chroming? Local places just are not getting back to me and Ashford chroming quoted £384!! Thanks
  2. Africa Twin
    Like above reads : anyone know zinc playing in around Dublin ? Val 2 bikes , twice is happy
  3. Bodgers Corner
    As the title says, i want to do a spot of zinc plating, ay advice. I know its not expensive to get done, but no where RELIABLE around here.
  4. Africa Twin
    What's the best type of paint out there which I can use to give the tailpipe a new lease of life. It need to be heat and water proof. I've tried hammerite but it just flakes off. I've tried heat proof enamel but water finds its way through. Arrgh help. I want to keep the standard pipe on there...
  5. XL
    I have got a zinc plating kit but no instructions, whats in the kit has is as follows A 100w Heater Zinc brightner additive Copy cad + zinc crystals SD-Klene S416 (Caustic free) Zinc plate I would think copy cad and zinc brightner toghether with water with a charge (DC) one end to Zinc and...
1-5 of 5 Results