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  1. The Zombie Slayer Tracker whatever thing that was once a Transalp.

    Thought I should stop lurking here. Hello. It was once a 1987 Transalp. I bought it off a mate. He had it modified. Then I put my hand to it. I like to fiddle and change things. So one day to the next the bike can be changed. What it looked like when I bought it. I have had to...
  2. Got a blue light this morning

    Welsh Invasion
    Apologies for not partying last night! Got a mega head ache and fell asleep, only to be woken by the zombie clan who finally moved on and left me a little gift under my door??? Any got pulled over early this morning by two lovely girly police ladies looking for love?:thumbright: only to be told...
  3. Looking to buy a Transalp

    New member here. This is not a wanted ad. I am planning on selling off my PanEuropean barge and get something a bit smaller. I am a boring old thing and want a sensible reliable bike that i can do my own maintenance on. I am also hoping to go and invade the Picos De Europa next year. The...
  4. Galloway Forest: April 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Galloway Forest Run 2011 Not long after arriving at the campsite on Friday evening, Piguglyshandydrinker was at it, stripping down ianbiggar's DT125 searching for an electrical problem. Shades of Bardonecchia eh Phil! ... ...while everyone else was enjoying a quiet cocktail and refined...
  5. Front end wobble / Anti - AT Crime wave!!

    Africa Twin
    If i release grip on the bars slighltly whilst riding along the front end starts to move from side to side as I decelerate and depending on how quick I am going it gets quite violent. I noticed this happening on my first ride on the bike having just found it on its side as it had been knocked...