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Photos to follow.

My 1983 W123 Mercedes 230E, in jangly-jangly silver/gold has got to go. It needs little maintenance but I can't do anything on the street and London is taking its toll.

It has eleven months tax and MOT, the interior has spotless tan leather, the cruise control and central locking work perfectly and the air-conditioning should if gassed.

It took us from London to Cumbria and back at 80mph and 34mpg of unleaded though living in central London I had never seen economy anything like that before!

It starts perfectly when cold but not when warm: the warm starting went wrong after the head came off, was welded and skimmed (not untypical for the model, the channels in the head around No.1 cylinder went awry). I'm told it's probably some air-compensating equipment or similar.

The boot leaks, as they all do, though the rear offside door leaks too in heavy weather.

It's South African so though the steering wheel's on the correct side, the dials are in kilometres.
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