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I'm rushing around trying to get organised before heading off to Turkey for the summer, and had to go over to Burgundy in eastern France to see my old boss and friend in Vermenton. As the weather was looking good I decided to take the bike:thumbright:

I left Germany on wednesday afternoon and headed over to Verdun. A good run for the first day:cool:
Due to having spent the previous days in the UK, and only having the morning to get my act together I was knackered when I arrived and therefore didn't have time to do any sightseeing:( I stayed in an Etap hotel; not super cheap, but OK at 38euros, including free internet. My mate was only in Vermenton for the day unusually(due to having lost his passport and having to go to Paris the next day!), so it was straight off early the next morning....
Had to scrape the ice off the seat as it was -2degC :eek:

Anyway, got down to Vermenton by lunchtime, by which time it was sweltering:color: We nipped off for lunch and we both caught up with the gossip and scandal:thumbup:

Now as Moon was only a minute down the riverbank, it'd have been rude not to have dropped in on him. He was up to his ears in work due to being a week behind due to the family problems reported elsewhere anyway a quick cup of coffee then left him to it...

I decided to have a ride out as the weather was so good and headed up to Auxerre where I quickly found a hotel; B&B chain jobby, very similar to Etap. Pleasant enough and quiet. On the way, I stopped at the barrage on the river to get a few 'arty' shots and checked out Auxerre airfield;)

Then after unloading headed out to Decathlon:blob8: Deccy is one of the open secrets of France...Name a sport and they'll have clothing and equipment for it, and at amazing prices. Quality and choice of sizes is excellent, and designs change constantly. They're well worth a visit:thumbright: In fact my mate Dieter doesn't pack clothes when he visits France on his bike; he just visits the first Deccy he comes to, buys 10 t-shirts, wears them until they smell, then chucks'em away! At 3euro for a t-shirt a good deal... My wallet was several euros lighter an hour later, and the panniers fuller!

Friday morning dawned cold and clear again, so on with the winter woolies; as someone pointed out years ago, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing:thumbright: By the time I'd had breakfast the ice had at least melted!
I headed back down to Vermenton for some more arty shots down by the port;

A quick au revoir to Moon, then off on the way home, via Nancy and Metz. Just south of Vermenton there's a lovely tunnel where I decided to try out the GoPro, but whilst the video was OK, the sound of the AT bouncing off the walls was disappointing:rolleyes: Anyway, I'll post the video when I have time to edit it.
Weather was excellent, so I meandered on up to Metz, via a few airfields. Dijon-Darois is always worth a visit even if it's a bit off my route;

This is the new Dyn'Aero TwinR still being test-flown;

The company are based here, but have been struggling, and have just been taken over by a businessman who has injected some cash which will hopefully keep them going...

Darois is also home to "Flying Legend" who operate some interesting types;


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Enough airyplane pics on a bike forum;)

Tootled up to Metz, and stayed overnight there. Another cold morning dawned, but high cloud was showing the weather was on the change, and the wind was picking up too. Tried the GoPro again around the local countryside, and managed to lose my suction mount(luckily the camera wasn't fitted to it at the time!)-not sure whether it fell off or whether someone nicked it at a service station:mad: Either way, it had buggered orf, but at least I still had my clamp jobby and helmet mount;

I got quite a buffeting for most of the morning, but I seemed to get ahead of the weather a bit when I got into Germany again, so stopped for lunch near Worms at Bad Dürkheim. Another little airfield(are you spotting a theme here;))

The Spamcans here weren't quite up to the exotica on display at Darois!

After fighting my way through the traffic(the world and theirwife were out for a drive in the last of the sun), I made my way home cross country over the Deutsche Weinstrasse,Odenwald and Bergstrasse, an area which I know fairly well but had never ridden a bike through...WOW! Amazing roads! The noise of sport bikes was almost constant as the Power Rangers were all out for a saturday roar. The rumble of the cruisers on their Harley looky-likeys broke the monotony:mrgreen: Witnessed some very impressive riding, but the star of the show was the guy who rocketed past me, dropped his bike onto his knee and rounded the bend in a shower of sparks at warp speed:cheers:

Stopped briefly at Mainbullau and marvelled at how these things fly;

and finally made it home at 1800...1805km, 485 of which I'd ridden that day, and by god did my arse know it! My new seat is a great improvement on the original, but it still has its limitations...

All in all, a very enjoyable trip, during which Alfie the AT performed almost faultlessly; only needing a bit of oil and fuel. My new trousers, boots and helmet got a good test too, and I'll report back on them in due course in the reviews section.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to do such a trip every day, as I prefer the off roads trails normally, but it was great fun nevertheless:thumbright:
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