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I've recently acquired a 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport and am currently restoring the bike. Before breaking the bike down, I noticed when kick starting the bike that it would make a sound (something like a crude click) and almost feel like it 'gave way' or was 'stripping/slipping' (for lack of better words). It would not have the hard compression kick as normal. It did not do this every time I kicked it over. I am attempting to post a video link that is about 2 minutes long. During that time, it only did it twice. You can hear it at 00:47 and 01:35 in the video.

I'm going to be taking the right side cover off to investigate. Hopefully, it's something obvious like the starter penion gear with missing teeth, etc. I thought I would post this first to see if by listening, any of you with your experience with these bikes might give me a likely cause to look at when I open it up.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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