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XL600R in fairly standard nick. Red. Twin carb kickstart model. A hoot to ride, especially when that second carb kicks in! ;)
Not immaculate condition but not a tatty old dog either.
No hard to find bits are missing (like side panels for instance, ask me how I know that!).
Engine fully rebuilt with new bearings throughout, including gearbox, main bearings and balance shaft bearinge - full rebuild thread over on - less than 3000kms on it since rebuild.
Just passed it's MOT this afternoon, no advisories.

I'm not riding it much (less than 600kms since last MOT :() so I'm considering selling it. What would you think it's worth? I was thinking around £1000ish?

Note: This isn't the right registration number, it's been Photoshopped ;) and it's got the proper indicators front and back since this photo was taken.
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