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I'm in the final stages of getting the RD03 ready for its first bike show next month. Lots of little details to get right!

One of the major things missing was the original Honda plastic headlight guard. From what I have been able to learn, Honda offered the headlight guard as an accessory. Many were easily broken over the years, so they are exceedingly rare these days. If you have one, keep it safe!

As for me, I didn't have I set out to make one. I created the guard as closely as I could for 3d printing:

I printed out a few test runs and was happy with the results when I came across an original guard on eBay in Switzerland. Wahoo! As cool as a 3d printed headlight guard would have been, I am happy to have found an original in great shape:

My next task is to fabricate the foam covers for the instrument cluster (mine were rotted and Honda no longer makes them). Stay tuned!
Can you please send me .stl file headlight guard? Thank you very much. Or if somebody know about original part, I will happy...
61 - 64 of 64 Posts