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Excellent job Fred. I see you are using the proper red rubber grease too. Top tip for people learning from your threads. :) That was a lot of corrosion. These XRV calipers do really seem to be made of cheddar. The thin outer lip goes really quickly too, then corrosion behind the dust seals sets ultra-quickly. I keep thinking up how I could re-make the outer surface/lip, but I never quite got around to trying one of those aluminium-weld rod thingies yet. I bought a decent set off callipers ebay, so probably don't have "the mother of all invention" pushing me along yet. :) Should really figure out what to use to paint the ones I have instead.

Anyways. great job.. keep it up mate.
Thanks (y) I used gold hammerite spray paint on my XR caliper a year and half ago seems to be holding up well and i didn't do allot of perpetration before spraying
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