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Hey there Honda trail riders,

I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in “meet up’s and ride outs” > but was recommended to ask over here in “ competition” with hopes that someone knows something. Basically the only thing I don’t need is someone to physically ride the bike for me. I pretty much need everything else though.

Even if you can only answer one of my questions out of my long list or besides the list have any other useful information , any bit of help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for even taking time to read it.

As previously posted…. But newly revised …. My questions are as follows,

Bike selection : 2001 HONDA CR 250 has anyone ever owned this bike or raced this bike at any elevation and/or including Erzberg?…

Tire selection – I see the desert tire was the tire of choice…but the terrain is mainly rock, I have no idea. Is the tire different from the prologue tire compared to the hare scramble tire?

Fuel – what fuel am I to run there? Pump gas? Mixed with race gas? Ethanol concerns? I use AMS OIL … I will have to bring that I suppose… ? or is AMS OIL readily available in Europe to buy? Where do you buy race gas?

Gas tank : what size is big enough for this race?

Gearing – I am bringing two sets of wheels with me. The rear wheels will have different sprocket and tire… one for qualifying and one for the race. If I can get any tips from anybody it would be really appreciated. I would like a gear combo for the 01’ CR250 that will give me 80-90mph for qualifying on the fire roads > and also a good proven combo to gear it down like a tractor, for , if I make the main Sunday?

Chain : any recommendations on what chain I should use? right now I use an O – ring chain. I will bring extra chains and links with me… I will also bring my chain breaker tool in my hydration pack… for easy change… seems to be an issue out there during the main…chains coming off… and such…

Clutch – I ordered a Barrett , never used them before, heard they are tough.

Suspension – I have stock front suspension (Showa) is there any tips on what I can do with it? to set up for this race…a particular kind of oil…? hot weather oil…? or you just don’t know until you get there…? I have already upgraded my rear spring to a 5.1 > I weigh a 190 pounds.

Coolant – any recommendations on what coolant I should run there, seems a lot of bikes including two-strokes were over heating, what would you run in your CR over there?

( I hope it rains)

Grab it’s – does anybody out there modify there bikes and weld on handles…?install grab it’s…or permanent tie down straps holders installed so that a rope can be attached easily with out damaging cables?… does everyone bring there own rope? … any tips? Or is that the rider’s entourage waiting at difficult sections with rope?

Now that I got you reading this far let me ask you the most important question on the list, that I already know the answer is not easy and also know that nobody will be able to help me with it in it's entirety unless they have raced this bike at Erzberg , but any knowledge on the subject is appreciated…. Specifically concerning the CR250 2001 ,

Here’s where I’m at…

Concerning > The dreaded....

Jetting – talked to HONDA Austria… stock on the bike as it was sold in Austria was with a 360 main jet + 6BEG2069 needle….

(stock in CANADA is 420main jet + 6BEH173 needle , though not relevant, but that’s where I am now.)

360 main jet + 6BEG2069 needle that is the stock set up in Austria, not actually for Erzberg? or race specs as a matter of fact? Just Austria… so I will get that recommended Austrian stock needle size and put it in the carb before I ship off the bike , because that is obviously closer to there specifications over there? One step closer to what it should be, maybe? Unless somebody tells me different? It’s a good starting point. (that’s how Mickey Mouse this whole plan is)

And then I will get two main jets sizes either way , five in total, 340,350,360,370,380, every bike is different, every rider is different , I have figure it out myself, all I can tell anyone who could give me any sound advice is I need as much power out of each gear as possible, but when I change the gearing will it affect the jetting?

Some general info about the bike so you can give me advice on jetting. the bikes bottom end and seals are 30 hours old, the top end is brand new fresh, new plug and air filter > the bike is ready to be jetted , as I arrive. Then add into the equation a FMF fatty pipe with a power core 2 muffler (freshly packed), then throw in the ethanol content of the gas that I know nothing about?… if I am to run pump gas / race gas mixture over there and at what ratio to mix? And then at what ratio to mix the (ams) oil ( usually 40:1 to 50:1 here in Ontario Canada with AMS OIL) list goes on… what size pilot? what clip position? And then finally dialling the air screw out… {not more than 2.5 turns either or…swap the main jets, right?} Dialling the air screw is the last step with this pipe and mixture and the correct main jet.

I know it’s all up to me , but any tips would be appreciated…. Need to get all of this behind me as soon as possible so I can focus on the prologue and get my bike going as fast as possible.
Put all of this together and you got your self one serious ass question… the only person who can answer this question is someone who has raced a CR with a mikuni carb at Erzberg… with that much we can all agree… it would be a dream if this question could be answered… I’d over compensate for the rest… just please let my bike run right…. > No, I swear I can ride , I just can’t get the damn thing to braaap.

HELP – I am going this alone… If I break myself…? and/or get hurt out there…? who goes back for my bike… is the bike donated to the mountain or it’s local’s ? or is there a rescue crew that can be paid to salvage the bike? I see the rules state you are responsible for getting your own bike out… (I know…) but I am talking broken bones… cant move…cant get the bike… alone 5000km’s from home… is there a solution? Or do I lose my bike and get fined? Find someone to help? Or all of the above?

Last question

do I even have a chance to make the top 500 for Sunday with a start number like 633?

I am shipping my bike to Rotterdam , renting a van, and driving to Eisenerz.




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Hi Toronto - and a big :thumbright: for doing this event. A few of us were planning on going this year and entering the Konigsklasse, but it doesn't seem as if they are running that class this year so the idea did'nt go anywhere........

I doubt you'll be able to get too much specific technical tips here for your chosen bike as we're prodominantly big 'dualsport' riders with a few XR's thrown in as well....................;)

Maybe a couple of pointers though.

With regards to 'Grab-Its' have you had a look at

A couple of your fellow countrymen have done the event before - you might want to see if you can get in touch with them. Threads are here & here.

You might also get some advice from previous riders over on the advrider site - either in the general forums or in the specific racing forum.

Sorry I can't be of more help - but good luck anyway :p

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MotoStrap Reply: 2001 CR 250 two-stroke @ ERZBERG 2008

The MotoStrap would be great for you to use at Erzberg. Almost all the riders there use a strap of some sort of rope or strap. Mine has a 1200 pound breaking strength! Its great for the spectators to help you when you get struck! Let me know if you still need one, contact me off line at [email protected]

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