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The ultimate offroad experience - but on foot - by the Royal Navy

Now I'm sure that I'll get kicked off this forum for begging, but these guys are true hardcore. My brother (also a mad biker) is attempting this feet. in his words

Most of you know that I like to take part in the odd challenge or two, triathlon, cycling, running, kayaking etc, and that some of these pursuits have arisen from situations where I haven’t given the conversation my full attention (and yes, often alcohol is a contributing factor!). Signing up to complete the 24 peaks challenge in July this year was one of those occasions. What I have agreed to do is form part of a team to walk 24 peaks, all over 2400 feet, in a 24 hour period, mercifully, split over 2 days. Calling ourselves Team Naughty Monkey 07 (and I am not quite sure why) we have decided to Complete 24 Peaks Challenge in aid of Seafarers UK, the charity that supports those who work at sea.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.

So if you can spare a quid or two, or have some friends who might take an interest, please pass this round.


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Thats a fantastic charity and a fantastic challenge. Bloody hell I take my hat of your your brother and the crew. Best of luck.
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