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3 types of Thule roof bar feet thingummies: Mk1 Mondeo; gutter fittings; round bars

I have 3 different sets of Thule roof bar feet thingummies that have been unused for 6+ years so having a clearout. I am not selling the bars themselves, just the fittings. Each set is four feet. I think £15 per set plus Postage but they are quite heavy so it will be £10 or more. Equally happy to hang onto them for a while of we can arrange an XRV Pony express delivery. Each of the 4 feet in each set is keyed alike and I should have enough keys for two per set. Also included is the adjustment/tension skewer.

Set 1 were for fitment to my 5door Mk1 Ford Mondeo. The adapter has a sort of peg thing that goes into hole that is behind the weather strip on each door. It then clamps to the roof. I cant find the Thule part number now (could be Thule 750 / 1005) but they are for the gutterless roofs and fit to square type bars and would probably fit other Fords and other makes with a different adapter. The mechanism works fine and but they have been unused for over 10 years and lived in the roofbox so not in A1 condition but not bad.

Set 2 is for car roofs with a rain gutter. These were on my Mk1 Discovery but fit any car or van with rain gutters. I am pretty sure these are Thule 951 feet and if I remember correctly these are the high clearance model and lift the bars about 6inches above the gutter. Last used in about 2008 in full working order but not A1 condition again.

Set 3 fits to roof rails that run down the length of your car. I used them on top of a trailer to carry bike racks. They also fitted the rails (just - very hard to remove) on my Shogun. Again full working but not A1.

Anyone interested?

Does anyone have a Thule foot kit that will fit the partially recessed roof rails on my 2007 Subaru Forester? I think its a Thule 753 foot kit and a 4005 fixing kit?
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