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Does the 750 bash plate fit the RD03?

I have a battered XRV750 bash plate and a cheap Touratech lockable bash plate tool box off a KTM or something.



I was thinking of fitting the tool box to my RD03 but don't want to drill the stock bash plate, but this 750 one is battered and the mounting holes look like they line up now I have taken them off.

I bought a battered 750 three piece engine bash plate for my NTV650 as I was going to build it into a scrambler style bike out of this...


After seeing this I thought I'd fit a 750 bash guard, remove the front fairing and tidy the bike up a bit.

I find the riding position uncomfortable as the pegs are set back, I prefer mid pegs so I bought a ST1100 and don't ride the NTV anymore, and the bash plate and tool box are in one of my parts boxes.
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