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Right I'm more or less on an even keel now,been snatching naps here and there catching up on the last weeks sleep so about time i made the thankyou's and the apologies I need to make.
The thankyou's:

Royster; thanks for the arranging with the ferry companies to have you bookings changed to my name. Constantly texting me with updates and booking numbers ad sending me your decal set. It was a touch and go thing at one point and eventually all sorted by thursday night so I was ready for the off at 14:00hrs friday. I will get the donation to the MAW fund as soon as I collect the meagre sponsorship I was able to glean from people at work,I had three months last year to go round about 20 offices in a 50 mile radius but this year I had an afternoon and that was it so when I collect it I will club it all together and put it in as a combined effort from Royster and myself as he was the one who had to drop out but like a true gent donated the ferry tickets to me so as a last minute thing I was mad /lucky enough to go.

Alpslapper (tom)For allowing me to travel up with him friday evening and for stopping with me about 40 miles outside edinburgh after my high speed near-off at a diesel soaked roundabout. I lost the front end in a big way and then the rear and finally both resulting in a massive zig zag slide that left me with a pucker you can only imagine! Tom came back and after a *** and a natter we decided (his sense kicking in) to stay at a service station we could see across a field. This was close however and we spent an a miserable 45 minutes being eaten alive by midges till the services opened at 4 and let us in for coffee. On the route to the belfast ferry we got totally lost and I eventually got a bit ratty and took us a route from my sat nav and didn't ask if it was ok I just went,an interesting route including some unclassified roads which eventually got us to the ferry in mid group arrivals.(though I must add toms sat nav was still telling him to do a u-turn as we were entering the ferry terminus)
Thanks mate for you company and sharing your blood with the wildlife.

Grumpyoldgit;for supplying me with **** whenever we bumped into each other along the way and for being the first friendly face when we got to the startline *** in hand and a big glug of red bull ready.


I probably need to apologise to nearly all riders on the ferries, I was an exhausted wreck. I was only able to get about 3-4 hours kip all week and obviously got no sleep friday night so was not at my most sociable. I hope I said hello to all who extended the courtousy to me but I think I was on automatic pilot a lot of the time,get to ferry,sleep,get off ferry,ride,get to ferry etc etc.I Rod eon my own some of the way from belfast to dublin as I felt if I could get to dublin and maybe get an hours nap I could meet everyone at the MAW place and maybe put on a presentable image but unfortunately I could not find the place and never got that nap. After getting to dublin I was decidedly ill with the exhaustion and after 2 1/2 hours riding round the city and asking about 20 different cab drivers I still could not find their office. I did at one point see some bikes the other side of the river but by the time I had gotten over the bridge they were lost to me so eventually I headed out of the city and hooked up with some other guys just outside the tollboth where after a swift hurling session over the wall we were off to rosslare via hookup with some more lads at a petrol station. I had to drop out of the group for juice on route so apologies if there was no warning, I just was not on the ball with the fuel gauge I'm afraid. I apologise to anyone I started a leg of the journey with and then wandered off as I was on my own little planet by belfast.
Finally apologies to anyone I missed or was not sociable to at the ace,I'm afraid I used my last bit up in cardiff and by the time I got to the ace I was running on full autopilot to get home. I was lucky as I was only 60-70 miles away,I have no idea how some of you guys made it back oop north, I have only admiration for your stamina.

And finally yeti,who kindly offered us refreshment and hospitality on our journey up no matter what time of arrival. I set the sat nav for warp factor five and it took us up the M6, no where near duncans place and I had forgotten to ask where it was he lived all I heard was it was near scotland, so after we had not arrived by about 2AM he was on the phone making sure we were alright and still open for butties and tea and even a couch for a nap,what a bloke eh? next time mate it's sat nav to yours and then the startline for sure.

Again if I missed anyone please include yourself in a group sorry and or a group thankyou.

Here's looking forward to next year eh?????

sort of!

Sir FallofaLott
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I fecking hate it when you come on here being all nice and everything and now I have to take back everything I said about ya :rolleyes: :D

It was great to catch up with you mate again, and no worries about taking the lost route .... that was a blinding road you took us on :thumbright::thumbright::thumbright:
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