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It's a glorious day here in Norn Iron!
Just back from a good long run around the Ards Peninsula on my SLR.
What a revelation, the bike impressed on so many levels that it begs the question, why did the SLR recieve such a luke warm reception?
It's a single. It performs, sounds and feels as a single should and if you like that sort of thing, this is a fantastic little bike. And these are not the rantings of someone new to bikes or straight off a CG125. I've been at this malarky for 31 years and among my last half dozen bikes are GS 1150 and 1200, Triumph TT Legend, ZZR600 and Dom.
But I do like to rate something on it's merits, rather than on Press hype, or Performance "Stats". So in my book, The SLR650 is excellent for one up blatting about B roads, commuting and light Touring.
I've made a couple of mods to suit my needs.
A Givi touring screen, 26L top box and Oxford heated grips.
still to come, Hepco Pannier rack. Might fit boxes, might just use it to keep throw overs off the exhausts and some braided hoses.
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