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Well I might as well use Steve’s Pilgrimage theme:-
on this Ride Report:-

Strontian May 2015 - Steve Ts Ride Report

Given the weather forecast the Lone Alford Pilgrim set off on the Southern Route to The Corran Ferry, and was rewarded by a sunny ride through Ballater , Braemar and a stunning ride through the Spittal of Glenshee, with only the odd foreign biker and campervan in sight.

Sat Nav taking me down a wee road and flashing up General Wade’s Old Military Road
and was rewarded with the Smallest Distillery in Scotland:- Edaradour at Milton of Edaradour.

Milton of edaradour.jpg

Weather still great , so headed on to the A827 along Loch Tay to Killin, few Black clouds on the Horizon , but still dry, stopped at the Bridge of Lachay Hotel in Killin and as I was having a rather nice bowl of Cullen Skink, the heavens opened up , but the road dried while a finished my coffee.. so the sun still shone on the righteous little traveler .

Hotel owner asked where we were all going, as the road south was closed due to a 5 car pileup and as there had been a fatality, it could be closed for hours. The Nice Dutch couple I had been chatting to over soup, ( on the Goldwing towing a monster trailer), were heading North then on to the Falkirk Wheel and the 5 Flemish Guys on matching 1200 Bemmers were heading east for the day, before heading to Newcastle to the Ferry.

So I setoff west and picked up the A85 west , picking up the A82 at Tyndum to head through to GlenCoe and on to the Corran Ferry. Also picked up my first rain shower in the Glen on the way to GlenCoe, followed by some nice sun shine, so I was all dried out when I fueled up at GlenCoe.

On the ferry and Spotted a 650 Transalp behind me on the Corran Ferry , who waved at me frantically .

Off the ferry and tootle through Glen Tarbutt , waiting for the Alp, which shot past me, sans luggage, and whooped through the sweeping bends on to Strontian at speed, followed the Alp into the campsite, turned out to be Rick who had pitched up the day before and been out for a wee run, seems the New Anakee 3 are a hit and he has his mojo back..

Provisioned up at the wee shop, (bought Beer), then put the tent up , still no rain.


John ( Lowfyer ) pitch up , so handed him a beer , as the sun was well over the yard arm…

Last year we had a cracking fish supper at the pub, so in the spirit of using local resource , we opted for the pub rather than firing up the stoves….

Turned out to be a big mistake as the restaurant bit was full and they did not have the sense to offer us a meal in the bar, but offered take away which we all ate in the bar anyway??

Woke to rain but it cleared and the ‘where to debate started’, John fancied Mull and me & Rick agreed… no plan….

So the three wise men set of in the sunshine to Mull

On the Ferry to Mull, with Rick planning a wee route after asking if either of us had a map, this being 'an adventure', we did not have a map between us

ferry to Mull.jpg

So we had a plan , Both Rick & John know the Island and the option to take the southern loop was taken, as there are less campers and tourist on it..

Great Single track roads.. stonking scenery and 18C on the Garmin…. Travelling through Bluebell and Rhododendron scented meadows and tight cliff roads and sheep covered moor, all single track, complete with lambs sunning themselves on the ride line

So continued the Pilgrimage and headed west with excellent views of Iona and the Abbey

View of Iona.jpg

Ok so that was the first part of the plan, so what next…


On a family holiday a few years ago, we had excellent fish and chips at the Pier in Tobermory, so looped south then on to Tobermory and lunch to catch the 1600 ferry to Kilchoan

More single track through open glens and the odd stop to watch for Eagles..

Great sunshine and Bluebell meadows on the run North to Tobermory ,

Parked at the front of the Ferry Queue, and went for Lunch in the Sunshine, and got provisions ( bought Beer).

fish and chips at.jpg

Strolled down to the ferry ,

ferry from Tobermory.jpg

just us and a car and a few folk on foot

quite ferry to .jpg

Dolphin shouts Rick and we catch sight of one … Honest there is one there :D


Off the ferry at 1700.. Done loads of miles.. and seen some great sights… but as we are only a few miles from Ardnamurchan point and we might see more Whales and Dolphins and stuff….

Yes we head off the light house.


Rick looking for wildlife , John looking for a phone signal


Clocking on so we head back to camp, John airborne occasional, trying to catch A well mojoed up Rick and me bringing up the rear, (both these guys know this road, so clock on apace).

Arrived in time for burgers , with Tim et al.. ACE day.. Not one drop of rain and warm.

BBQ and beer then to the PUB…..

Sunday a complete contrast, weather wise soggy and wet and cold and Kit packed..

Short route back to Aberdeenshire and wave bye to John as he heads North to Inverness and I head east.. wet and Very windy, so windy that on the very exposed section where the A86 crosses the Spey at Laggen, I am not just blown over the other side of the road, but almost completely of it… heated grips working overtime at its so wet windy and cold..

Am debating whether to give the high pass over the Lecht a miss, when I see a shed loads load of soggy cyclist heading my way, ( 3 Piste Cycle race).

Stop at the Fire Station Café in Tomitoul and have a frothy coffee and the mandatory egg and bacon roll, and defrost .. Place full of cyclist fueling up..

Decide to give the Lecht a try , if the Lycra clad Loons can do it.. it must be ok..

Not too bad on the climb up and over and past the Ski-resort , but as I approach the really exposed section I spot a sports bike cowering and clearly about to think better of it and head back North..

Down a gear and keep the revs high so I am ridding a big Gyroscope, and as there is nothing on the road, nod to the Sports bike and make an eventful and interesting way to Cock Bridge..

Arrived at Alford to bright sunshine on the righteous lone ride and have my kit out and dried and put away by 2100, with not only the sun shining but a full moon…


Great weekend Thanks to

Craig for organizing this,

Tim for an excellent site and BBQ

Rick & John for a truly great day and the rest of the folks for making it a great meet

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Looks like you all had a great time Ray


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great spin report nice bit of a read and great photos the one of the waitress ass had me in stitches naughty naughty very naughty :thumbright: I enjoyed it a lot thanks . putting ideas in my head for a decent spin myself I only had one longish one so far this year plenty of handy enough ones alright . so soon as the weather picks up I'm away . I am turning into a fair weather biker a bit even though I have been riding in plenty of rain lately but it be grand when I take off once im off out I don't care a dam . if I didn't ever ride in the rain I would have done hardly any riding at all . I often took off it was fine then it pelted down for an hour and dried up grand for a few hours .

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Awesome report Ray , really sets the mood for the weekend .

We were lucky with the weather on the Saturday which helps .. weather gods were with me again ..

Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

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thanks folks,

Did not post on your forum Craig as I could not work the pics :)

we were very fortunate with the weather on Saturday ( thanks for arranging that mate )

If we avoided the rain , you would get no miles done in Scotland, but I hate setting off soggy, and Sunday was a full on soggy cold day, good though in its own way.

But Friday and Saturday were awesome.... Mull was an absolute delight

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Fantastic stuff Ray, looks like you all had a good time.

I love this photo, one bike I know quite well and two that I'd have no problem in riding :)


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yup Bobo your old RD03 going well,

John's 750 has gone around the clock 100,000 miles + and does not burn a drop of oil,

Ricks 650 alp has high miles and goes well..

We discussed other bikes New AT and stuff ( well we would :rolleyes: ) and each of us would still keep out current bike too..

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Save cluttering the forum , just tag my report onto Rays,(Sure he will not mind)

So thats another Rally over and withdrawals have started being away from the west coast .

Thursday Morning was massively sunny when I rolled the Transalp out from its slumber , always a good omen SUN .

Finished packing whilst the Transalp warmed up and off we wandered. Headed down to Cupar Angus and seeking out may favourite route to Aberfeldy.
The petrol station in Aberfeldy (now a Cooperative ) filled the eager Transalp whilst a coffee and a snack for me was had.
Passed the time kicking tyres with a couple of German Bikers and after explaining all about Tool Tubes (think something may have been lost in translation) made my way towards the distant black clouds in the mountains around Glen Coe .

Did not get any photos this year of GlenCoe because of the rain and not wanting to stop in the sogginess.
Made if over the the Corran Ferry and the sun came out on the crossing , Letting me get a few pics in the bag.


Headed the short distance over to the campsite and met Tim, who was doing the rounds checking over the cabins etc.

Checked myself in to my cabin and settled down with some lunch .

Later in the afternoon , RickSyke arrived and proceeded to pitch his large tent .
Quite some time later he had completed his task , just in time for the heavy rain to start.

Another bike was heard nearing the campsite , and Daymo arrived very soggy on his crf250

We have a nice night in the warm bothy , talking bikes and other stuff .

Friday morning , sore head ... waiting until the sun came out again and went for a spin with Rick

At the turn off from Ardgour , rick headed off to Fort William , whilst I headed towards the campsite .

Passed by Corran Ferry Again (back up ferry in background) MY Transalp 650 on a 07 plate 45000miles

Got back to the campsite and had some lunch and coffee , within a short while members started arriving and pitching tents .
Tales of very heavy rain and extreme road conditions on the way to the rally, made me glad I set off on thursday .

Daymo adjusting his oiler

Raymo Drying Out

Ali's Transalp 700

Bernard's Teepee

Friday Night was spent with a few drinks in the Bothy with a mostly full house , some members had made it to the pub for supper and drinks after.

Saturday Morning came around , me safe and sound in my warm cabin . ;D
Weather looked changeable but headed off with a few members out to Tioram castle . Where we met some deer at the side of the road .
Whilst I fixed my blown indicator bulb (bugging a German tourist for a screwdriver) , then one of the members had the perfect screwdriver set under his seat (I did have one , but to much crap everywhere , could not find it).. Note for later Sort tools on bike .

After a pleasant drive around the loch stopped to get a few pictures, before taking the awesome road over to GlenFinnan
where coffee and cake was the order of the day.

After lunch we travelled down the Ardgour road past the Corran Ferry and headed down to KingGairloch
(One of my top 10 single tracks roads with view)

Awesome road ..
Back to the campsite and had some lunch .

Later Tim started off the BBQ and the food was flying off the grill as fast as he could cook .

Much drink was consumed and members were well fed , again the Bothy was used to keep off the chilly night air .

Sunday Morning , changeable weather (mostly heavy downpours) .. Members were packing and heading off .
I delayed until a sunny spell only to leave with hailstones .

Made it all the way to Corran ferry in heavy rain and very cold .

Off the ferry headed to Glencoe for Fuel and lunch , and passed the time with a coffee watching the fine weather catch up with me.

Blasted up and over GlenCoe road to my next stop at Lochearnhead , where the sun came out proper and was awesome...

The rest of the ride home was windy but sunny ...

BIG Thanks to Tim & Lynn at Sunart Camping for the second to none campsite experience .
Without them it would not be possible to put on such a great event and of course not forgetting the ADV Scotland members who turned up .....

It's great to meet old friends and make new ones. I counted 30 people to brave the weather ... Well Done Everyone

Cheers LWR

:) :D ;D 8)

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Your right Craig,,, I don't mind :):thumbup:

thanks for all your hard work mate
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