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Hello all
I am starting to prep my twin for a trip around South America. I am going to replace all bearings before I go, front & rear wheel bearings, sprocket holder bearing, head stock bearings and suspension linkage bbearings. I have want to replace with SKF bearings but I don't know what sizes they all are and can't take them out just to know. So does anyone have or know of a list of bearing sizes that I can give to my local SKF shop?

Thanks in advance


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Wheel bearings:
RD036202-2RSH (2x)6203-2RSH6203-2RSH6204-2RSH

2RSH (or equivalent) are bearings covered by seals on both sides and are the modern, improved variant vs. the original UU bearings. Do not buy on ebay or other unknown sources, go visit your local bearings dealer supplying to the local industry. If a bearing is sold for 2 quid, I´d pass.
There are virtually tons and tons of fakes on the market, which even the OEM can only determine by disassembly and testing. An SKF or *** bearing will cost about 8 to 10 Euros each from a solid, reputable source (still less what Honda charges for Koyo bearings).

Just noted the link to provided one up. I would recommend to disregard the C3 recommendation given there. C3 means increased bearing play/clearance, which I have never seen recommended by Honda or any other reputable source. C3 bearings are afaik made for highspeed applications, such as in stationary hi-rev E-engines etc. Whereever you find C3 recommendations for the AT, they seem to be traceable to Interestingly, C3 and normal clearance tolerances are afaik overlapping, so that a borderline-tolerance standard bearing can be identical to a borderline tolerance C3 and vice versa. See and check on the website of your favourite bearings manufacturer for details and measurements and tolerances.

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