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If you want an Africa twin 1990-2003 and find it to tall I have the solution especially if you prefer to ride on the black stuff. It lowers the bike enough for someone with 28" inseam to reach the floor but doesnt change the bike much, I have an Akront gold rim size is 18 x 1.85 by 36 spoke and comes with hd stainless spokes, tyre and innertube. All you need to do is respoke your existing rim. Maybe of use if you have a corroded rim. This is the front wheel only.
Riding the bike with this setup there wasn't much difference and with the tyre size of 100/90 x 18 I think it looks good and no more worries about not being able to reach the floor. If you would like any details of price, fitment or any questions please PM
All these are in excellent condition, tyre is a scorpion trail just in case you do go off road.
Picture is to show exactly how it looks.


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