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howzit all from Namibia (thats in Africa....) cheers for a great forum, since i got my AT RD 7A a month ago, i have just about rebuilt her based on posts i found here! a great help for chaps like me out in the stix with no-one to turn to. (not even a honda dealer around). i love doing things myself, but have little experience of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, so any help is appreciated. last time on a bike i toured around africa for a year with an old x-mil XR 500, illegal and unlicensed. still not sure how i survived!
i did post a thread on th AT forum about an issue i have with bike cutting out in dips, please have a look if you think you have advice... pleassseeee!
if anyone need advice on anywhere in africa south of kenya, i,ll be happy to advise. living and working mostly in the namib desert, but travel a lot between here and mozambique. also a bit of experience in patagonia, chile.
still cannot believe so much fun can be legal
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