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Object for sale:
  • Crash Bars
  • Originally Touratech
  • Accommodates original fuel tank and also the Boano 36l fuel tank

Reason why I want to sell:
  • I used these crash bars along with a Boano 36l fuel tank on a 3 months ride in Australia and kept it for some time after that journey
  • I recently came to accept that I'll not need/use these crash bars anymore in the nearer future

State of object:
  • Used (as stated above)
  • Generally in (very) good condition
  • Optically: Left hand side needs a bit of paint/coating in one place
  • No crashes endured

Price / Pictures / Further Information
  • I'm looking at 75Eu (postage not included)
  • If you're interested let me know and I'll send pictures and we can discuss details, final price, etc.
  • I also have the Boano 36l fuel tank for sale for which I needed the crash bars
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