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Having tried a few Different Bike's on our trips ,I must say that the Africa Twin is one of only a few that I have not wanted to sell on our return.

Leigh and I did over 5000 miles in 4 week's.

The AT managed the long slog down to Morocco ,Fully loaded cruising at 80mph with ease.

It then carried us off road with no problem at all,and managed it far better than the 1150 gsa I did the same route on a few years ago.

The MPG ranged from 50mpg at 80mph and 60mpg in morocco when riding at 55mph.

We Only had one fault when we lost the speedo drive for a few day's.

After talking with 4 polish AT rider's in Zagora,they told me how to cure this common fault,which we did.

What a fantastic Bike...:thumb:

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