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After seeing pigUs Transrat at the national, its time to take mine back to basics too. Most of the cosmetics is easy, but the question is -

how much differance will using a couple of foam/mesh "custom bike" filters on top of the carbs, with the whole airbox stuff, pair etc removed/tied off, make to the running of the bike?
Will the carbs need much adjustment, or will the whole thing "do a Z ;) " if I fiddle too much.
The reason is silly - the air intake noise just sounds SOOOO fab, coupled with the Arrow pipe, the bike sounds wonderful, and still below 94dB(A).

It also makes cleaning the carbs/changing plugs etc easier, and gives lots more access to the top of the engine, but did I say how GOOD it sounds?

If it won't die soon this way, I may try it and eventually get it to a dyno/gas analyser etc to have it fettled. (First fix the oil burning though, but thats another issue!)

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I run mine with a K&N that I never touch, 125 jets, a decatted exhaust, and have removed the PAIR system.

Its fine, but I did put it on a dyno to confirm fuel mixture - which was nigh on perfect.

To be honest though it hasn't made much difference - I was after extra MPG but haven't really got that - low 50's all the time. Extra power, well it felt like it when I first rode it after all the mods, but now....well I have got used to it.

Going for easy access would be a very good reason to do it, otherwise not much in it really. I was STRONGLY advised by the Dynojet guys NOT to mess with the airbox as even on low performance bikes like TA they are probably the most fundamental aspect of how your bike's fuelling works.

Oh, my silencer is on the way out so will be looking for a replacement before long as well.

That's the thing, if you mess with one aspect of the fuel/air mixture you must compensate with the other aspects.

K&N's when fitted increase airflow into the engine, not much good it's going to do unless your exhaust is designed to continue that increased airflow out of the cylinder. Also the increased airflow will make the fuel/air mixture lean which means a hotter burn. Get it too hot and you'll burn a valve or piston. Hence the need to slightly increase fuel by a larger jet/needle height

It's the combination of all three things that will increase the power and rarely just one.

Just one more thing, it's very hard to get a decent power bands across the whole rev range, even if you get a correct fuel/air mixture you might be introducing a powerless spot.

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Hmmm, not sure about the pod filters, what will you actually gain other than induction noise, thay'll probably draw warm air from the engine too, so may reduce performance.

It does seem that the decat, smaller jets route gives a little more sound, bit more go and some improvement in fuel consumption. All this while maintaining good throttle response & power delivery throughout the rev range.

I think that someone on here fitted a pipercross foam filter (in place of the stock paper).

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