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whys the rum always gone?
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i went for a nice gentiel ride down to burnam on sea to see them and purchace steves luggage apon arrival i was usherd to our padre's very own MC technician to whom i now bestow the title of

(chief mechanic wolf) this guys garage has to be seen to be believed:shock: :cool:

we did battle fitting the luggage then off to a local to begin the oiling up of our livers:shock:

strewth guys you take some keeping up with:D i just ran out of steam at 330am:D :D :D

just want to say thanks for a great deal on your gear and wonderfull hospitality and a bloody nice fry up this morning:cool:

the ride home was interesting to say the least ,,pissing down for the whole 210miles with visibility down to about 100mtrs at times complete
with tail hugging cagers:rolleyes:

i cant ever remember getting that wet before :shock: i would have been better off in a wet suit and some scuba gear:D but the vara took great care of me:cool: steve you are so going to miss yours;)

thanks again

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