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I no longer need these trousers so have decided to sell them they are a size 36 waist which was a bit big for me they have leather inserts on the legs. They are comfortable to wear and were a present to me they do have APRILLIA marked on them which never bothered me, but when i hung them up to photo them i noticed a small cut in them so i will sell for less than i was going to.

sdas 011.jpg

sdas 013.jpg

sdas 014.jpg

sdas 015.jpg

sdas 016.jpg

sdas 012.jpg

Above is a photo of the cut i noticed when taking the photo's it's about 1 1/4inches and i sure that it could be repaired and sealed with that iron on patch stuff you can get, iron it on from the inside .

How about £25 + postage
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