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Patrick James Memorial Clipboard Hunt 2010

(no treasure, I’m afraid)

28th FEBRUARY 2010


Contact person
Marianne Walford [email protected] 01686 430522
This is designed to be a fun event for riders of varying motorcycle skills. The winners of the classes may not necessarily be those with the best offroad riding skills though the event does require some degree of trail riding experience. You will need to sort out the best route for your riding ability and the type of bike you are using to try and gain a large points score. The checks will give you a differing number of points depending on their difficulty and the distance away from the start. For example, a check on an easy lane a long way from the start will give you the same number of points as a more difficult one nearer.

Where is it?
The start and finish will take place at Bwlch Nant yr Arian Visitor Centre, SY23 3AD, on the A44 ten miles inland from Aberystwyth, between the villages of Ponterwyd (east) and Goginan (west). There are a number of laybys providing free parking both on the east and west sides of the Visitor Centre, with a very large one ¼ mile east. Please do not park cars and trailers or vans in the Visitor Centre Car Park.

Check point information
On Saturday evening, please meet at the George Borrow Hotel from 5pm to 8pm (evening meal available) to receive the checkpoint sheets. These will be laminated copies of Landranger maps (copied with Crown Copyright permission) with a separate description sheet. Each of the checkpoints will gain you a different number of points for successfully reaching it. To help you choose suitable checkpoints to aim for, each will be graded as follows:
tarmac road gravel or deteriorated tarmac road (mud, moss, leaves, potholes)
easy unmetalled road or byway medium unmetalled road or byway (rocks,etc)
difficult unmetalled road or byway (mud, steep hills – possibly not suitable for multicylinders)
As it will be impossible for you to reach all the checkpoints, you will have to decide a route you believe gives you the maximum amount of points within six hours, allowing time to return to the finish.

Start and Finish
Riders will start from 8.30am on Sunday morning with a small group of riders leaving at 10 minute intervals. Riders will receive a card on which to record the checkpoints they have attended, and which must be handed in at the finish. There is no provision to reissue cards, so keep it safe! Riders will be required to finish 6 hours after their start time, and will lose a point for every minute of lateness. If you are more than 30 minutes late, too bad! You will be out of it!

The entry form is at the end of this document, and can be filled in electronically or manually. If electronically, the signature will be required when you sign on, so can be ignored on the entry form. If posting, please include 2 SAEs. Entry fee is £27 (£28 if paying by Paypal) and can be paid by direct transfer,* credit or debit card over the phone 01686 430522, cheque payable to Trail Rides Wales posted with the entry form to Glanbachog, Staylittle, Llanbrynmair, Powys, SY19 7BU, or Paypal by logging on to your account and sending the payment to [email protected] The fee includes a hot meal at the finish.
*Request bank details when you email your entry form [email protected] or phone 01686 430522.

Best rider on motorcycle under 249cc, between 250 and 399cc, between 400 and 599cc, between 600 and 799cc, best over 800cc, best twin cylinder, best sidecar, best lady rider. Awards subject to a minimum of three riders in each class.

The awards will be presented shortly after the last rider’s return at approximately 3.45pm. They will be based on provisional results, and could be subject to alteration.

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