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Hi everyone,
I am a proud owner of a AT RD07A 1997 (Name TOTO)
I experienced a bizarre moment this morning as was riding, Toto decided to cut out leaving me with no lights or ignition button working( dead )
10 minutes later after waiting on the side of the road she started again !
Now I will admit that I had my USB charger on but not in use, my Oxford heated grips at 75% heat, headlights on and my halogen spotlights on.
Now will admit that the green saver light on my Oxford heated grips does come on after a while but goes off when I turn my halogen lights off or headlights down to dim !
I would very much appreciate the valuable knowledge available so I can carry
on my journey from Henley on Thames to Maastricht before Christmas 馃巹 .
It makes me a little nervous Toto cutting out again on a loaded up journey !
Thanks AT team !

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Thanks for the suggestion..
I will take a look...
Turning off some for the accessories.. seems to work ..
but I need a solution so they all work at the same time !

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Just my two penn'orth!
Could the halogen spotlights be the straw that breaks the camel's back? Generally the bike's alternator is rated to run the standard loads (lights, ignition) with a small "reserve" - adding a pair of power-hungry halogen spots (55w each, I suspect) will be an overload. Maybe worth looking at LED spots instead as these are much lower wattage and therefore draw much less current.
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