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Bought an XL pair of these gloves today, I'm usually a 'Large', but read a couple of reviews that said 'go a size up...'

I tried the Large in the shop, seemed a bit tight, but now I've worn the XL's for an hour or two they feel a bit 'roomy'?

The geezer said any problems, return them and change them, so wondering if I should go in Monday and swap them for the Large?



Obvious, really... ? Nice warm bike shop = nice warm (and big!) hands, so XL felt better. Out in the cold = cold (and shrunk) hands, so L are, indeed the right fit!

Feel a bit guilty though - I got a 10% discount on the XL's as they were the display ones, and swapped them today for the L, but the guy fetched me out a shiny new bagged pair from the stock room, direct swap... bargain! :)
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