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Hello all,

Haven't been around lately (been too busy, alas) so I thought I would pop in with one of those annoying open-ended questions with no real answer. Oh Joy!

( PS - I think this is the right place, as it isn't an actual "for sale" ad or anything, but if the admins think it should be somwhere else on the site then, whoops, sorry, my mistake, please move it, ta :thumbup: )

In a nutshell, I'm trying to work out how much my old used AT is worth.

Which I know is one of those "how long is a peice of string" questions and just invites lots of "I dunno, how much is it worth to you" sort of answers, but I'm in an odd mood so thought I might ask anyway.

You never know if you don't ask, eh?

I don't really think I want to sell it, by the way, but I'm planning ahead in case of a potential personal economic issue that might crop up. Just in case, as it were.

So anyway, I've been looking on ebay, biketrader etc and the prices seem so variable that if anything I've come away more confused that ever.

I know condition is massively more important than mileage when it comes to used bikes, but does anyone have a rough idea what the prices of used AT's are at the moment?

If anyone hasn't died of boredom or decided to do something more interesting, like watch paint dry, here are a few details from memory (should have bought some notes with me, didn't really think this through):

RD04 M 1991 Model.

Ugly "1980's German skiing instruction" colours.

same as this one: Autotrader - HONDA Africa twin XRV750-N 750cc

But makes it easy to find in crowded bike parking!

Parralel import - originally italian I think. Fully legal, have all the paperwork from when it was brought over.

Clocks in Km's, not miles, have little stickers on them. Not a big deal.

Coming up to 90,000Km, so that's just over 55,000 miles, I think.

Reasonable condition, I think. Not mint, not a complete rat bike.

One of the rear panels was badly smashed when the wind blew the bike over - is now finished in an attractive "crazy paving" style with a big sticker over the worst bit :)

Here is a photo before I covered the worst up with the sticker:

Also, a small slightly beaten up top box comes with it.

Things I have done over the last couple of years:

Some wheel bearings.

Added Crash bars.

New chain and sprockets, obviously, a little while ago now.

New front and rear discs. Front OEM, rear EBC. Rear one rusts up like buggery if you don't use the bike for a week or so. A bit of a ride sorts it out, but cosmetically looks a bit naff. The front look fine. Points to Honda, there.

Took apart and cleaned all calipers, rebuilt with new pistons, seals, etc. Tried not to use it in the winter since!

Replaced rear shock with a used Honda one via this very forum. Still have the original so that would go with the bike if anyone wanted to have it rebuilt.

And the big one - new rims and spokes! - absolutely lovely polished aluminium rims replaced the rotting old gold ones. And it does make the whole bike look much better:

I suppose the old rims would go with the bike as well, if anyone wanted them, but they aren't really much use for anything other than scrap, I think.

Engine is still great and the gearbox is absolutely lovely, imo.

Things you might want to do:

I would think braided brake hoses would be next on the "to do" list, maybe replace the rear EBC disc with and OEM.

Still on the original exhaust, so that can't last forever. Oh, and the fuel pump, of course, as that is the original, too.

I think that's about it. I must have forgotten something, but this post is too long already.

So, assembled masses, what do you think?

Cheers :)

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You're right, it's really hard to say BUT you don't see a cheap Africa Twin these days it would appear? You could always spot a few below £1000 on eBay, but this doesn't seem to happen any more.

I'd guess it could be a situation where the rough ones have either been restored, broken for parts, or just scrapped.

It's hard to tell from pics, but it seems you've covered most of the gremlins. If I were you, and did intend to sell it, I'd pre-empt the question of "whats the output shaft like" by taking a good picture of it to show buyers.

That panel damage could be a pain. On the one hand it's an unusual colour, so a used one could be hard to find, but on the other hand if one come up on eBay, there would be fewer people wanting it.

At a guess, looking at your pics, I'd say anywhere between £1400 and £1800 would be a fair price, but it really is down to the bikes condition, what the buyer is prepared to pay, and what other bikes are on sale at the time.

Bob :thumbup:

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Just spit my tea over the keyboard at the 1980`s German Ski Instructor I remember them well :D

I reckon anywhere around £1300-£1500 personally speaking due to the colours of benneton

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I've been checking prices as I'm selling mine. Yours should sell privately for around 1200, perhaps more with the new wheels. Don't part ex, you'll be insulted by the offers as they go by the book. Mine's a 1994 RD07 in decent knick and I was offered 400 and 800 respectively by 2 suzuki dealers. Perhaps if you included free sunglasses you may get more takers?? ;)
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