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the Autocom forum is down and I need help

does anyone know how to pair up the nuvi to a phone and the autocom dongle so they all work at the same time

Nüvi 765t (same bluetooth double connection as zumo)
Autocom Pro Avi and dongle
bog standard bluetooth phone

oh and please easy intructions I aint the brightest light on the tree

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If it is the same as for mine here goes.
1. Ensure the AutoCom is powered.
2. Remove rubber bungs from end of module and put in safe place.
3. Using a pointed object push the button until the light flashes.
4. Set the Sat Nav to pair until it finds the AutoCom.
5. Repeat step 3 for the phone.
6. Now pair the SAT NAV and the phone.
If you have problems I could try for you at Lowestoft.
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