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We got back 3 weeks ago and all this snow has given us the time to sort photos out - although some of the snow scenes will now have lost a bit of their impact!

Breifly - we had 4 weeks off, no set plan except a 1 way ferry to Calais - and make it up as you go along......we had a really great time - we only had to come back because Dad has a Triple heart Bypass op - brought forward for next Tuesday:(

Roughly, to Reims but the French fuel strike started so diverted to Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia. Croatia and back up.

Great weather, fantastic scenery, empty roads, good food and drink.

4000 miles two up, loaded up, alpine passes and didn't even have to tighten the chain once.

1 x repair - the usual plastic speedo drive and found one in stock in a passing shop, (not a Honda dealer either!) in Southern Germany, 22 Euros, that's it. :D

Pictures below - if you want any further details - just ask....

After the French fuel strike started, we struggled for fuel at Reims so we headed for Metz, Strasbourg and into Southern Germany the Black Forest,
it's all cuckoo clocks! - didn't see any gateaux though!

headed to Bodensee or Lake Constance a place called - Meersburg
what a lovely place - ferries, quaint houses, zeppelin museum, decided to stay 2 nights

Set off on the Alpine Strasse - passed this sign for a biker hotel!

Best use for a BMW airhead!!!
The speedo drive packed up at Hastings on the way to the ferry - called in here to find a Honda dealer - pointed us to Sonthofen,

not a Honda dealer but he had one in stock! I replaced it outside his workshop - lent me a trolley jack...and we were on our way.

Lauren has always wanted to visit the "Fairytale castle" Neuschanstein
We could n't have had a better clear, sunny day, you can see for miles, very impressive

we headed for Linderhof Castle - saw that and then stayed at Garmisch Partkirchen - where Ski Sunday often comes from got snowed in for 2 nights, watched the weather web cams and the Doplomites looked to be clear and sunny so decided to hot foot it pronto over there....

the web cams didn't let us down headed for Canazei

It was almost deserted - we saw two other bikes, and they were at the cafe too, odd car, that was it, blue skies, sun, no cloud, only jet trails in the sky!

found a nice B&Bin Campitello - our bike has stayed in many different places but this was a first among 300skis!!

Next day it was clearand sunny again so more exploring to be done....

same as before - empty roads - fantastic, so lacking in people and vehicles we thought it would be rude not to have a bash at a "calender pose":D

Looks like someones put a go kart track in the road!

studied the sign and headed for Lake Garda...

Time was getting on for Lake Garda - this shot is where the road from the Dolomites joins the valley at Bolzano - there's a whackin great hairpin descent overlooking the main arterial valley, many of you will probably know it - you have to head for the gap you can see in the hills.....

It was a late arrival at Garda - (north) - Torbole, but the pizza overhanging the plate made up for it!!!
with pizzas like this going to stay 2 nights and do a lap of Lake Garda tomorrow!

There isn't much room to post photos here so missed Garda out - (there will be more photos hosted on Facebook so anyone snowed in can have a look if feel the urge as it were....

headed to Florence via Modena, saw a sign for Marconi so had a look,
It's the mausoleum and lab, plus sculpture park etc.
Surprising what you come across....

On to Florence and the ponte Vecchio

Florence is popular - Midweek & damp, end of Octoberand STILL busy!

In Florence came across a Belstaff shop of all things, tres expensive - and in it proudly displayed behind a glass screen is an old Trial master jacket! amazing -
"I got one of them" - any else out there got one too?!

two nights in Florence was nice and the forecast was good for Tuscany so San Gimignano looked interesting, an old towered medieval town so headed there.

Afterwards we came across an old friend we use to see regularly but haven't visited for a while - we must get re- accquainted soon!:D

Passed through Volterra and it was very good, not too much Twilight stuff and very interesting, a main alabaster town, high up on open plains - always very windy and if you go there you will see why...stayed a night and then onto Pisa

This is the main thing in Pisa!.....

view from the top - you have to pre book a tower visit..great weather again...

off to Bologna next, it's a big, big a few places on our list around here........any guesses?

Well - at least one decent manufacturer in the photo.......:D

you have to book a visit and guided tour in advance, and it usually includes a tour of the factory too.... except they were changing production lines so it was only the museum open...:(..... have to go again:D

full museum photos here

excellent museum and guide...

stayed a couple of nights in Bologna - it's called Motor Valley - for a good reason...

the Galleria Ferrari at Modena....full pictures here

Also met Lamborghinis nephew -Fabio Lamborghini he has a place dedicated to his Uncle. We arranged a personal tour for the next day, well worth it, he opened up just for us two!

Full Lamborghini photos here

We had a good feasting on cars, the forecast was good so headed for the coast, Rimini, stayed 2 nights there, and it was time to get back to two wheels again!
The Italian National Motorcycle Museum beckoned!
we were lucky, it was the last day it was open, very different, more of a one man collection and not sterile like many places.

the other place we went to was San Marino.
different, great views, they like to sell weapons cheap!!
you can just about see the Rimini coast!

Lauren had a lucky escape!!:iconbiggrin:

we had to start heading North, pity because there is a Bimota museum further south I wouldn't of minded having a squizz at.:D.....BUT, there is only so much a girl can take....:rolleyes:

so it was Northwards, skip Venice, to Trieste via Aquia, and the causeway to Gordo, Gordo closed for the winter- shame cos it looked a nice place, but Trieste made up for it. It's an Industrial town and not at all touristy.

At night it's lovely

and good by day too. We could see on the hill, way high above a concrete structure - and was told by the Hotel manager it was a temple, his parents were married there, we went to explore it.

it really is an amazing building - made around 1960 and this is the view from it above Trieste.....

Thought we'd be a bit adventurous, the hotel manager recommended Slovenia and Croatia, so off went:D -
The visits to Trieste and the Temple took up the day so we ended up in the dark again - that's one downside of travelling this late in the season:(


Found a placce in Porec, very nice and pretty, set off next day for Pula and the old ampitheatre.

On the way we discovered why it's not a good idea to travel at night....
now you see it - now you don't.....

nothing for it but to do the gravelly bit....

Tarmac restarted about 1mile further along - don' ask me how or why:confused:

was going to stay at Pula but like Pisa - nothing else there so heade back to Porec but ended up in this place - Rovinja, it has to be one of the most beautiful places.... dusk as we arrived.....

Got an apartment overlooking the harbour - this is the sun rise!

Brekkie on the terrace....... this is the 3rd Nov!!!!!

left and headed for a place the apartment owner recommended -
Motovun, a town on ahill, famed for truffels and films...

still had to get northwards through Slovenia....anyone seen one of these before?????? I think it means "don't be a plonker!"

Not quite the Millau, but they are trying...

Back into Austria - and a sign for a Bike bar!

Stayed near Passau -why can't we have cellars, garages like this!

Along the Danube to Regensburg and the Walhalla temple, it celebrates Famous Germans.

Finally - the brewery tour and the beer tower! it's a great bit of personal frivolity and worth a visit!

back along the Rhine, Konigswinter, did it in July....didn't have to fight daylight then!

headed back via Koln. Aachen, Lille and rolled up at the Tunnel, rain last 2 days, but thats northern France / Uk for you!

Got back on Fri 12th Nov.

that's a short summary - great weather for the time of year and we got to lots of places,

If you are snowed in and want some inspiration - much more details listed below, put the kettle on and see things in much,much more detail. Lake Garda, Volterra,
Any thing you want to know more about - just contact us,

ps, chain tightened now - 1 notch!

Pat & Lauren

click on the images to enlarge - and then next arrow..

set 1

set 2


Ducati Museum

Galleria Ferrari

Lamborghini Museum


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fantastic pictures, what a trip excellent, I want to go.:D

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That was a good plan you followed. Im buisy noting the locations in my places to see notebook, thanks for taking the trouble to post.:thumbright:

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Fantastic pics and Report pat & Lauren

See you Feb - have a good Xmas

Shorter member :-)
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Great pictures and report :thumbright::thumbright:

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Well I can only re-iterate what others have said... what fabulous photos and a great report.:D It looks like you had a really brilliant time...Look forward to catching up with you both soon. x :sunny:

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Very jealous.

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Nice one Pat,

Always cheers me up when you see a great trip like this documented stage by stage :thumbup:

Well done, set the juices flowing :D thanks for taking the time and sharing :thumbup:

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Well done, looks like you had a very interesting trip. I've been to quite a lot of the places you mention, great to see them again!
Thanks for sharing with us all mate.

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Wow looks great :thumbup:

reminds me I still havnt done my RR from the Alps yet :D

will wait a while coz it wont be as good as that :toothy1:

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Great stuff Pat, looks like you and Lauren had a great time...................

but aren't you supposed to be looking for a job :rolleyes:
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