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The event will be based at the Montpellier Hotel in Llandrindod Wells and kicks off with a ceremonial start at The Lake in Llandrindod Wells at 18.30 hrs on Friday, August 18th with competitors being flagged away by the Mayor of Llandrindod Wells, Councillor Tony Phillips and Lembit Opik MP. Two days of competition over a route of up to 320 kms will follow in the nearby Radnor forest complex, with the inaugural Baja GB finishing at 16.00 hrs on Sunday, August 20th.

Regulations have now been finalised for the bike and quad sections and the entry fee has been fixed at a discounted £200.00 to attract a larger number of competitors to the inaugural Baja GB. Riders will be able to tackle 270 km of forestry for this reduced fee. However due to the late completion of the regulations for the quad and bike sections, the closing of entries for the ACU categories has been extended to August 10th. Bike and quad runners will tackle three stages each day and be classified in a separate section of the event.

Awards will be handed out for two-stroke, four-stroke up-to-450cc, four-stroke over 450 cc and the quad class. The Clerk of the Course of this section will be Mark Vaughan from Mid-Wales, while Vic Madeley will act as machine examiner and technical scrutineer. John Collins will act as one of the ACU Stewards.

A major boost to the marketing appeal of the new event is the support from Sky Sports' World Motorsport programme. Britain's leading sports network has agreed to send a film crew to cover the event in detail and a comprehensive highlight programme will be shown on the Sky Sports programme on several occasions shortly after the event.

Regulations and entry information for the motorcycle, quad and car categories are available from the Baja GB office, 31 Market Street, Newtown, Powys, Wales, SY16 2PG, Tel: + 44 1686 626641, Fax: + 44 1686 626218, e-mail: [email protected]. Regulations and event information can also be downloaded from

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Excuse my ignorance but how "expierenced" would one need to be to do a rally like this? I have always thought of doing one but not sure if my novice offroad expierence would be enough to participate.

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Baja GB is a totally new event to the UK so its a bit unclear to what to expect, however i know that chris and his team are hell bent on not making the event so difficult that nobody wants to do it!.. the routes are all on forest tracks and private ground so should prove non-damaging and suitable for most bikes with a suitable set of tyres. I would say that you for sure wont need to be an ex-endruro champ to compete, however you will be riding with a few!!.. Patsy Quick and Clive(ktm) are almost certain to be running, Mick extance(honda) and Nick Plumb(touratech) also did mention they might be rinning. :wink:

The bike must be road legal and all riders must be members of an ACU Affiliated Club and hold a current ACU or SACU licence. Realising that this may put a few off you can buy one at the event as ACU licences will be available for British riders who do not hold a current ACU licence at a price of £15, you can also buy event insurance wich will cover you third party if your bike is not normally insured for road use, last i heard its likely to be £20ish for the whole event.

all the paperwork for the event is on Raidextreme, but a quick link is:

2006 Baja GB Moto/Quad Regs (raidxtreme)
2006 Baja GB Moto/Quad Entry Form (raidxtreme)
2006 Baja GB : info updates (raidxtreme)

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Thanks for the info Jenna, it could turn out into a expensive weekend for me by the sounds of it but might give it a bash. Roll on payday :lol:

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motorsport is never cheap :cry:

all can say is there is no other event like this in the UK, infact i doubt at all as the British tracks are very different from the those the Baja's run on in mainland Europe,

If you want the chance to be in the centre of it then go for it, if i still had the quad or the KMX be no question I would be doing it (instead of doing donkey event duties :x )...

Speak with Wendy/Sarah Tomley to check the places left as its limited to just 35 places for the first year'

Event and Entry's Secretarys.
Wendy Tomley.
Sarah Tomley

Cwm Cochen,
Bettws, Newtown.
Powys SY16 3LQ
01686 650430
01686 626641
Fax: 01686 628618
E-mail; [email protected]

If anybody else from is interested what about an XRV.Org team! I am more than happy to help with sorting your paperwork and logistics, may even be able to sort out a little sponsorship? and what better excuse for an XRV.Org meet to cheer on the riders! (remember this event is televised so great publicity for the site) and a chance to sample some of the best BOATS and tracks in the UK like Sarn Helen, the Gap road, club lane, little hill etc....

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Jenna, could you lay out exactly how this event is different to rallys such as the Cambrian, Hafren, Ryedale, Dyfi, etc. I've done a few of these in the past, including a couple of 2-day events. The entry fee was in the £30-60 bracket, so I'd be interested to know what the extra £150 buys, apart from Sky Sports coverage of me kissing a trophy on the top step of the podium! :wink:

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I guess the biggest difference is the event is run under FIA/FIM rules, basically Baja GB will be on the same standard as any FIA Raid like the Optic 2000, Masters, Baja Portugal and others, even the Lisbon Dakar runs under FIA rules (with an £6k entry fee!)

As far as i am aware the Cambrian, Hafren etc are all clubman events based around a single venue on a single day, they also have capped average speed limits which compared to an FIA/FIM event seam a little timid (Hafren was averaged at just 18mph in 2005 apparently), this year the lisbon dakar has gone out on limb to drop its speed limit to a mear 70mph average.

I can appreciate that the £200 entry fee may sound steep compared to a clubman event but sadly the further up the competitive scale the higher costs get, the forestry commission have demanded higher fees, the event licences are dearer, and the organization costs are also much higher due to the shear size of the event.

Guess what what i am trying to say is if your happy with a metro then great but sadly if you want a Merc it will mean deeper pockets! The £200 entry for a baja is cheap, this weekends Spanish Baja although more established has bike entry fee of 1125 Euros, this is for a near identical programme, Baja GB being 320kms over the two competitive days.

I will be totally honest and say the bike aspect of Raid is new to me as my past lies in enduro or MX and my background with raid is 100% car or truck based however i cant think of a better way at an affordable cost to experience an event on this level, traveling to and from Baja Spain will cost you more than £200 alone?

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Jenna said:
...the Cambrian, Hafren etc are all clubman events ... the further up the competitive scale the higher costs get...
Correct, and, correct. I didn't articulate it very well, but what I was really asking is why we should be contemplating an FIM level event when a clubman level event seems to have a similar mix of going, for a less than half the cost.

For comparison, most of the rallys I've entered have included liason sections on public roads (national UK speed limits apply), liason sections on forrestry tracks (low speed limits apply), and special sections on offroad going (no speed limits apply). I believe the low average speeds on the forrestry liason are for safety reasons, giving people time to fix punctures, etc. and still be on time for their next special. I've helped plenty of riders out of ditches on liason sections to appreciate the red mist needs reining in until it's time for a special. Also, typically on the 1-day events we've done 3 laps of about 60 miles each, with 2-day events running at 2 laps each day. There was typically a 20%-60%-20% mix of road, forrestry and special.

I can see how if you've come from full-on FIM events then the costs are pretty minimal. But most of the contributors to this site are either motorsport virgins, or have club enduro experience. I would love the chance to bang fairings with the likes of Nick Plumb, but realistically he'd give me a good roosting, and be showered and in the bar before I'd picked my Africa Twin back up! :lol:

I'm not knocking you or the event, and I'm grateful that you've given it some visibility here on the site. And if there's an XRV/XLV at the start you'll find plenty of enthusiasm and support for it coming from here.


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Any chance of more advanced warning on next year's event? Putting an xrv-org-uk team together, getting sponsorship and having plans (and practising) seems to me like a good idea. But to organise it for next month is just a no-no.

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The late info is directly down to the ACU draging its heels over what it wanted, the car and truck regs were sorted out and posted to the relivant clubs/forums about 8 weeks ago, i honestly didnt think any of the XRV.ORG members happend to have a spare Paris Dakar racer sitting in the garage they forgot to mention so never posted the car/truck regs in here.

Unless any major obsticles arise next month the 2007 event is going ahead, the Baja GB is apparently being organised on a 3 year run, however the costs will be probably double (or more), as the £200 entry fee was a subsidised consession to make sure the event run at full capacity this year.

For those that arnt sure of what a Baja Rally is about below is press footage taken from last years event on Baja Espana, this may explain a little better the scale of Baja over a normal enduro event.

Baja Espana 2005 Bikes/Quads entry
Baja Espana 2005 Autos entry
Baja Espana 2005 Trucks entry

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Wish I'd heard of this before putting in my entry to the Big Bike LDT. This years Rydale had about 110 miles of rough off-road on day 1, same or more on day 2 (But thats another story - not one of mine either!)

If we can sort a team "big Honda" I'd love to play - I'll post some of the current bike look here soon, the biggest problem is when she jumps, the centerstand mountings hit the deck. Any advice out there?

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latest update.....

The event will be based at the Montpellier Hotel in Llandrindod Wells and kicks off with a ceremonial start at The Lake in Llandrindod Wells at 18.30 hrs on Friday, August 18th with competitors being flagged away by the Mayor of Llandrindod Wells, Councillor Tony Phillips and Lembit Opik MP. Two days of competition over a route of up to 320 kms will follow in the nearby Radnor forest complex, with the inaugural Baja GB finishing at 16.00 hrs on Sunday, August 20th.

In case anybody is local or looking to travel to watch the Baja GB run this week end below are the start times to each stage and its location. Spectator areas are strictly off stage for safety reasons however they are well located and should provide some great pics too. As far as i am aware the spectator areas are free to the public, if information arrises otherwise i will post it asap. Also for those that have never attended a mororsport event of this type then please read the basic safety guideline listed below:

Keep children and pets under control
Do not walk on the stage
Read the spectator information posters and stand in safe area's
Do not enter prohibited area's
Listen for the warning whistles indicating approaching competitors.
There may be long gaps, do not assume the event is over.

Talk to the marshals, some have radio's and they can keep you updated about the event. Radio crews do have an important job to do, so don't interrupt if they are busy.

Marches 4x4 always welcome spectators to their events and try very hard to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable day.

Saturday 19th August...

Radnor forest
special stage 1 (radnor 1) : first bike due 06:51hrs
special stage 1 (radnor 1) : first car due 10:20hrs

special stage 2 (radnor 2) : first bike due 09:02hrs
special stage 2 (radnor 2) : first car due 12:11hrs

special stage 3 (radnor 3) : first bike due 13:02hrs
special stage 3 (radnor 3) : first car due 14:32hrs

special stage 4 (radnor 4) : first car due 16:23hrs

Sunday 20th August...

special stage 4 (shepards well 1) : first bike due 06:51hrs
special stage 5 (shepards well 1) : first car due 09:51hrs

special stage 5 (shepards well 2) : first bike due 10:34hrs
special stage 6 (shepards well 2) : first car due 11:41hrs

special stage 6 (shepards well 3) : first car due 12:57hrs
special stage 7 (shepards well 3) : first bike due 13:54hrs

(please note Sundays times may change due to a few 'errors' in the time table!!!... :? men!)

Official spectator areas can be found at:

Fishpools: on the A488 between Crossgates and Monaughty. It will be signposted and is on map 148 SO 188 682. Follow the track into the woods and you will find marshals waiting to show you the parking and spectating area's.

Kinnerton: found by turning off the B4372 at Kinneton and following the single track up to the woods.It will be signposted from Kinnerton. Follow the track into the woods, the entrance is at map 148 SO 235 642. You will find marshals waiting to show you the parking and spectating area's.

Ceremonial finish and prize giving and rally HQ: Rally HQ is at Nant-y-corddi which is on the A488 and is approx 2 miles on the Bleddfa side of Monaughty. Leave the road at map 148 SO 225 680. On Sunday 20th August we will have the finish and prize giving at approximately 15.00hrs in rally HQ and everyone is welcome. Diana Tigwell will provide commentary, not only at the ceremonial start in Llandrindod Wells on Friday evening (August 18th) and at the finish on Sunday afternoon, but also at the Service Out control of each section in the service area

Through out the Baja GB you can watch the vehicles as they arrive and leave the scheduled service area, its location is nearby Bleddfa and with such a high class entry you will be spilt for choice on who to watch. This event will have some of the best service crews in the UK attending and some fantastic support trucks... you may even be lucky and see me get my hands dirty :x :twisted: :twisted:

Although the official starters list is not yet published I can confirm the following crews....

Patsy Quick: Team DeserRose KTM 660
Clive Town: Team DeserRose KTM 660
Stephen Malone: KTM
Ian Myers: KTM
Paul Blezard: KTM 450 EXC
Ray Watton: Honda
Brian Eland: KTM Bce
Darren Duesbury: KTM 660
David Dickinson: KTM 525 EXC
Richard George: 450 cc Honda quad
Daniel Upton: Bombardier quad
Matt Harrison: Bombardier quad
Matt Lee: Yamaha Raptor

David Johnston and Tim Hamilton: Bowler Wildcat 300
Ray and Vonnie Kempster: Milner Protruck
Ryan and Chris Cooke: 5.2-litre Land Rover Defender
Nic Tidboald and navigator: Bowler Wildcat
Jeremy Fearn and navigator: Bowler Wildcat 300
Richard Hopkins and Gary Torosyan: 4-litre V8 Land Rover Discovery
Ian Rochelle and Amanda Garratley: Bowler Wildcat
Nicolas Gibon and Marc-Antoine Lenud: 4.9-litre Bowler Wildcat
Frazer Williams and Dave Thomas: 4.6-litre V8 Land Rover
Hugh Haines and navigator: Bowler Wildcat V8
Derrick Edmondson and navigator: Desert Warrior
David Johnston and navigator: Bowler Wildcat
Hassan Al-Sadadi and navigator: Bowler Wildcat
Nick Tidboald and navigator: Bowler Wildcat
Michael Jones and navigator: Desert Warrior
Nick Tollefsen and Ben Gott: Bowler Wildcat

The entry list so far lists numerous Dakar riders and crews, it has several british top rally drivers and a selection of drivers of international note. The strong KTM entry in the bikes and Bowler in cars means this event is going to be on a level with any that you will see abroad and nothing like any before in the UK

If anybody requires more info then please contact me.

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David (cheap as chips) Dickinson KTM :shock: ,
It's good to see Derrick edmondsens still got his hand in, i was proud to give him some sponsorship when he entered the Dakar on his KTM some years back.
I live just around the corner from his Mom and Dad, spoke to them today as it happens, they're a great source for bargain bike gear. Top people.

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Sunday, August 20th, 2006
Bridgnorth's Ian Rochelle and Cannock's Lee Edmondson clinched victory in the car and motorcycle categories of the inaugural Baja GB, Britain's all-new candidate for the FIA International Cup for Bajas.
Caerphilly's Hugh Haines and co-driver Peter Phillips won the National category in their Bowler Wildcat 200 and Doncaster's Matt Lee was classified as the leading Quad rider after two days of action in the rain-soaked Radnor forest complex in Mid-Wales.

"This was a fantastic event and it feels great to become the first ever winner of the Baja GB," said Rochelle, who led from start to finish with co-driver Amanda Garratley. "There was no doubt that we would enter this event. You only have to look at the entry list to see that people have made the effort to support the hard work of the organisers. We, as competitors, all want the Baja to succeed. I am sure that those people who did not enter will wish that they had been in at the start of this new chapter in British motorsport."

"Amazing to win," said Rochelle. "This was totally unexpected. Myself and Amanda are winning the Hill Rallies at the moment and we have the same crew supporting us on this. We are gaining confidence in the UK, but need a little more experience before we feel we will be a threat on the continent. The stages were phenomenal. I can't praise the organisers enough for all their efforts and those early starts this week."

"I didn't even know what a Baja or a road book was," said Edmondson. "When I realised there were arrows I was much happier. I was amazed to win. My brother asked me to enter to give as much support as possible to motorsport in this country. I had so much fun. I enjoyed every bit of it, fast or slow or just getting muddy!"

Competitors tackled three selective sections in Radnor forest on Sunday. Rookie Cannock-based rider Lee Edmondson began the final leg with a commanding lead of 12m 23s in the motorcycle category and he won his fourth successive selective on Sunday morning, with a time of 31m 12s through the Shepherd's Well section. The British Under-23 enduro rider suffered a scare in parc ferme when his bike failed to start, but he was soon into a flying pace and extended his advantage over Turkey-based Chris Pascoe to 16m 01s. Stephen Malone maintained third place and Newcastle's Brian Eland and Heathfield's Clive Town for fourth and fifth. Mat Lee extended his lead over Quad rivals Daniel Upton and Matt Harrison, although he only beat Upton by five seconds in the fourth timed test.

Edmondson collected his fifth fastest time in SSS5 to extend his advantage to 18m 46s, but there was a frantic battle for the minor places behind second-placed Pascoe. Eland passed Malone to take third place and Heathfield's Clive Town closed to within one second of fourth place by setting the third fastest time. Lee maintained his Quad lead and ninth place overall, despite a puncture. A mere 38.30 km stood between Edmondson and a stunning Baja victory on the nimble 250 KTM and the youngster was again fastest in the final section to record victory by the margin of 20m 48s. Wilmslow's Malone set the second fastest time to confirm third overall behind Pascoe, with Eland and Town completing the top five. 11th-placed Lee confirmed victory in the Quad category over Daniel Upton and Matthew Harrison, despite struggling in appalling conditions over the closing kilometres, but Richmond's Paul Blezard punctured and slipped further behind the leading pack, as Nick Plumb pedalled the unwieldy BMW 1150 into 14th place and Patsy Quick was the leading female rider in a fine ninth position.

Bridgnorth's Ian Rochelle headed into the fifth selective with an 8m 16s lead over Norway's Ivar Tollefsen and extended his overall lead to 9m 16s with a mere two sections remaining. Michael Jones maintained third position, but Chepstow's Richard Hopkins took the second fastest time and displaced Cannock's Derrick Edmondson to take fourth overall by 25s.Hopkins set the fastest time on the penultimate selective to move menacingly close to third-placed Michael Jones, as Rochelle erred on the side of caution to set the fifth fastest time and head into the final section with a 11m 46s lead over Tollefsen. Tollefsen beat Rochelle by 14s in the final section, but the Shropshire driver did enough to preserve overall victory in the first ever Baja by the margin of 11m 32s. Tollefsen confirmed second overall, but Hopkins was unable to catch Jones, despite setting a second successive fastest time on the final selective. Edmondson and Northern Ireland's David Johnston completd the top six.

Caerphilly's Hugh Haines had dominated the National category over the opening four selective sections in his Bowler Wildcat and the winner of the recent Baja de France edged a further 2m 50s clear of Raymond Kempster's Milner Pro Truck in the fifth selective. Hinckley's Ryan Cooke was unable to restart after sustaining terminal clutch problems following the fourth selective on Saturday afternoon. His demise promoted Lee Mansfield's Range Rover into third overall. Haines set the fastest time in the final selective to take victory in the National category by 13m 36s from Kempster, with Mansfield in third overall.

The brainchild of officials at Marches 4x4 Ltd, Britain's first ever official candidate event for the FIA International Cup for Bajas received the full backing of the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the Forestry Commission Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government and Andrew Davies, the Welsh Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks. An extensive highlight programme will be shown on Sky Sports television in the coming weeks.

Baja GB T1-T2 Cars - after SSS7 (top 6 only)
1. Ian Rochelle/Amanda Garratley (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 34m 24s
2. Ivar Tollefsen/Quin Evans (Bowler Wildcat) 4h 45m 56s
3. Michael Jones/Paul Round (Rally Raid UK Desert Warrior) 4h 49m 24s
4. Richard Hopkins/Gary Torosyan (Land Rover Discovery) 4h 49m 59s
5. Derrick Edmondson/Neil Ruffle (Range Rover Desert Warrior) 4h 51m 51s
6. David Johnston/Tim Hamilton (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 54m 00s

Baja GB National Cars - after SSS7 (top 6 only)
1. Hugh Haines/Peter Phillips (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 23m 46s
2. Ray Kempster/Ivan Dudley (Milner Pro Truck) 4h 37m 22s
3. Lee Mansfield/Paul Slack (Range Rover) 4h 50m 53s
4. Glen McKeith/Caroline Smith (Land Rover Warrior) 5h 06m 37s
5. Roland Marlow/John Cockburn (Land Rover) 5h 14m 05s
6. Jeremy Fearn/Martin Gould (Bowler Wildcat 100) 5h 23m 54s

Baja GB Bikes - after SSS6 (top 10 only)
1. Lee Edmondson (KTM F-250 EXC) 3h 36m 07s
2. Chris Pascoe (KTM 525) 3h 56m 55s
3. Stephen Malone (KTM 525) 3h 57m 04s
4. Brian Eland (KTM BCE) 3h 57m 15s
5. Clive Town (KTM 525) 3h 57m 31s
6. Adam Evans (KTM MXC 525) 4h 12m 59s
7. Ian Myers (KTM 525) 4h 14m 44s
8. Jon Mackeen (KTM 525 EXC) 4h 16m 38s
9. Patsy Quick (KTM 525) 4h 26m 17s
10. Darren Duesbury (KTM 600 Rally) 4h 29m 48s

Baja GB Quads - after SSS6
1. (11th) Matt Lee (Yamaha Raptor) 4h 35m 30s
2. (12th) Daniel Upton (Bombardier DS 650) 4h 49m 31s
3. (15th) Matt Harrison (Bombardier DS 650) 4h 56m 28s

..."Nick Plumb pedalled the unwieldy BMW 1150 into 14th place..." :shock: as somebody said not ideal conditions for the panzerwaggon even with an 'old pro' at the helm! :lol: :lol: Guess this wont be a result BMW will be in any hurry to publish! Congratulations to Lee, again going out of his way to prove the performance and reliability of the F-250 over the bigger KTM 525 and 660's... :booty: MX rules!!!

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Just a quick update:

Its now official that Baja GB has been included in the FIA World Baja Championships in 2007. On the surface this may not sound such big news but in real terms it means that this event will now be 1 of only 3 events ( British Grand Prix and Rally GB being the others) run in the UK to FIA standard and attracting the very best crews from around the world!

Plans are a foot to increase capacity of entrants and extend the stages for 2007 and the Baja will have a few surprizes that we cannot say just yet :wink:

On a more personal level if anybody is thinking about having a go at this event I can promise that in 2007 you will be in the company of not only many great names from the UK but its also likely that a large number of manufactures teams will now participate too. Fees will rise, they have to to cover costs but the event management are keen to ensure that the event is not priced out the market to its grass routs fans here in the UK.

Also if anybody wants help or advice on doing this event please ask as we will probably be running several riders/car teams in 2007 and will happily help others if we can.

As always i will post more details as i can.
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