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I am planning a big trip for this summer. We will take the Twin down to Turkey 2 up. I was just wondering from all the experience out there and from what i have read on the forum what are the major problems faced and the best solutions

Fuel pump - does this effect all the models RD03/RD04 and RD07 what is the best solution Original/ Mikuni or Facom. Who stocks and what are the the prices for the various solutions?

Regulators/Rectifiers - Original or Pattern again who stocks and prices?

Any other common problems? best solutions, who stocks and prices

The point of this post was to get a sort of database together of the most common problems and the best solutions and prices.

Probably with buying a spare pump and Reg/Rec to take with me on the Turkey expedition

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I have understood that fuel pump problem effects only in RD07-models.

Regulators are every AT-models pain. I dont know how expensive the regulators are in UK, but here in Finland i cost me about 90€. It isnt original, actually i didn't even ask the price for that might be close ~200€.

Check condition of your front sprocket and output shafts bores. If you have to change front sprocket, use always original sprocket there. Cheap sprockets destroys output shafts bores (too much loose movement) IMHO.

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Hi Ceri

Rode down to Turkey (and beyond) this Summer with my mate, both of us on Twins.

We replaced everything we thought might be on its way out before setting off. My bike had had its fuel pump done by a previous owner, but my mates hadn't. Time and money prevented him replacing that or taking a spare. However it was my fuel pump that gave us one of only 2 little problems we had in the 11,000 miles we covered in 2 months.

Saying that, it wasn't the pump itself but, I think, one of the electrical connectors and possibly a relay. This was bypassed by routing the pump direct to the battery and that got me back from the depths of Morocco and is still going strong now.

The only other issue was the rear bearing failing on my mates bike just outside Thessaloniki in Greece. Neither of us had replaced wheel bearings before departure so it was luck of the draw with that really. That was fairly easily rectified too.

So......check your bearings! My steering head bearings went a couple of months after our return so maybe check them too. I've just done my clutch plates and springs too as they were on their way (bike on 43k miles now) and for £60 and a few hours graft its worth the peace of mind before you go. Other stuff we replaced:

Tyres - New TKC 80's
Heavy duty inner tubes (No Punctures!)
Chain and Sprockets
Clutch Cable
Oil and Filter
Air Filter (or give a good clean)

Spares we took (and never used!):
Brake and Clutch levers (one of each)
Clutch cable
Throttle cables
Sparks (x2)
Bulb Set

Other good stuff we did/took:

Tall Screen on mine
Tank Cover and Bagster Bag
Touratech Roadbook Holder RB TT (the little one - very good for those days with a thousand roads and a million turns)
Motrax Tough Maps (Waterproof and tearproof and still looks like new now...all for a tenner, bargain! Doesnt get you as far as Turkey though.)
Crash bars (You WILL drop the bike!)
Primus Omnifuel stove - coffee in 3 minutes flat and runs on unleaded so no need to hunt for fuel)
Saddles done at GA Wells
Little cable lock thing so you can lock helmets, jackets, boots, tank bags or whatever to the bike if you want to go for a stroll or a swim.

Plenty of other stuff that I cant think of now that I couln't have done without.

Check out for our route, pics and blog!
Good luck too, I'm itching to get going again so maybe I'll see you en-route!

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Heavy duty inner tubes (No Punctures!)
details please? Forget Turkey, Croydon was bad enough.
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