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I'm currently wearing a Shoei Neotec Mk1. The visor leaks a fair bit when it rains. The Pinlock insert seems to shrink and fit poorly, therefore it mists up. The leaking visor causes the misting to accelerate.

I contacted Pinlock and they sent me a new insert. It also shrunk over time and now does the same as the previous one.
I contacted Shoei about the leaking visor, they said send it in for repair. The trouble is, I bought it (cheaper) from an overseas website, so it wasn't covered by the UK warranty. They said, "that's fine, you can still send it in, and we'll charge you £80". No thank you Shoei.

So, I would like opinions on the best helmet for all year round riding. Unfortunately, Schuberth do not fit my head shape. I like the idea of the Shark Evo-One 2, but don't know anything about how waterproof the visor would be.

Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks
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