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Well, what a great weekend although it didnt start out to bloody cracky.
Went over to see parents (mothers birthday, take Bryn (son) over to see them etc) so i thought i may aswell take my XR650R. Missus left early to get over there for little ones dinner and i messed about getting trailer sorted etc.
First off, i found the mudguards on my trailer had split where they had been bouncing about. Not great but i thought sod it, they'll make it and i can always fix them when i get there. The worst bit though was when i got to Birmingham. Got snarled up in traffic (i refuse to pay to go on the Toll Road, especially towing a trailer) so after much lane shuffling and ending up in the fast lane i eventually get a cop car running opposite me on the hard shoulder pointing for me to get over. Well it was nose to tail traffic going about 25mph so it took me ages. Eventually get over on the hard shoulder, get out the car and get told to sit in the cop car, all the time me being none the wiser as to why they had pulled me over.
Anyway, turns out your not supposed to be in the fast lane with a trailer. now i know a HGV isnt supposed to use the fast lane but i was genuinely surprised about the trailer. I wont go into details but the copper driving obviously had issues with me (tattoos i have etc) and for some weird reason decides to not only fine me, add points to my licence etc but also go through my whole criminal record blah blah blah. Upshot of that was i now have 9 points on my licence which is really what boiled my piss.
Right, eventually get to Wales and parents. Mike (Brother) turns up and informs me that he has to work all weekend which is a bugger as i was hoping we could get out for a spin.
All turned out ok though cause Sunday morning comes and Mike has a few spare hours :D Great, lets get out for a play on the bikes.
Did some fantastic lanes, brilliant and all around where we used to ride as YOOF's but we never even knew they were there. Weird that.
The weather was a bit damp for most of the time then it eventually let rip and soaked us to the bone but what the hell, its all part of the fun :D
Right, i'll add some pic's so as not to bore you all to much.
Think Mike liked the XR :D

Proper green lanes make Mike sociable and wave :D

Me being sociable :shock: :D

My Xr up near the Stiperstones.

Mikes TTR and my XR looking towards the Long Mynd.

Looking towrads the Stiperstones. Spent a lot of our time round there as young lads. Camp up in the old mining shacks with a few mates, beers etc on the bikes. Those were the days :D

Always take pics of water crossings, no matter how small because they can be really funny :lol: Mikes turn.

My turn.

Out in the wilds.

If only they could have remote control gates :D

Its green, its a lane, and im riding an XR650R. Things are peachy :D

If you go down in the woods today.........

Its dark in them there wood's :D Im there somewhere.

Me again.

Thats the end of the pic's with the weather turning foul etc etc.
Brilliant ride out, great to be back to what i still consider home.
Got to Mikes had a brew, Mike then went to work (poor sod) and i went back to my parents to eat roast lamb (my fave and you cant beat your parents cooking :D ). Made for a great day indeed.

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Nice one :thumbleft: (apart from the pull by plod)
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