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OK people
YOURCOUNTRY.jpg back on grid and musing over the idea of a trip- with people I dont!

Sniper will be putting in an appearance-he will have a passport by then!

What I'm looking for-
1.People happy to be filmed- it will be again released on Youtube
2.People prepared to have a go at something different.
3.people happy to camp/sleep/cook rough.

What will it be?
1.Approximately 30 days duration starting Mid April 2015
2. There may be the opportunity to do 2 weeks ideal for those who have not done a trip of this nature before.

1. Morocco

TBC- we will be travelling approx 8000 miles by motorbike with 2 boat crossings totalling 10,000miles- let me have an idea of what you feel it may cost

If you have any questions/guesses asto total costs- fire away on here!

Hope to hear from you!

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